Top 5 Educational Movies Every Teacher Must Watch

Top 5 Educational Movies Every Teacher Must Watch


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There is an exhilarating feeling in the emotions and the knock of reality that a good movie brings out in us.Every day we make our ways through the endless quest of surviving. We run through the time that passes by us noiselessly. We run through the myriad of people pushing against us, blindsiding us all the time. Always running. Always late. That is why they call it the human race.But sometimes, just sometimes, we slow down enough to let the flaked pieces of our lives fall into place. And there we have our perfect moments connecting us to the beauty of our lives and the things we do. Good movies give us this opportunity to reflect and connect with ourselves in this rush of the moments.As noble a profession teaching children is, it can turn out to be quite exhausting at times. When the stress surmounts, it becomes absolutely necessary to put the mind at ease. Movies can be a good way to unwind. Even better when these movies are inspirational and teach us something along the way.Amidst grim realities and a trail of crumpled tissues, good movies are best enjoyed when watched with an open mind.Following is a list of movies that are sure to take your breath away. 

  1. Freedom Writers

This movie is about a strong-willed teacher who transforms the very face of education for a racially divided class deemed unfit for proper learning by the authorities. Starring Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell, the idealistic teacher, Freedom Writers is a movie adaptation of a true story.Erin, a young enthusiastic teacher decides to embark on a journey to make a difference in the world. She gets a job as a freshman and sophomore English teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in California. She tries her best to adapt to the blatant disparities in school as the students bring their gang warfare into the classroom.Erin's honest attempts at encouraging them to give their counterparts and education a chance takes away the trophy. She mentors and guides them through the difficult times and brings out the kind and compassionate souls that her students had buried deep within themselves. There is a certain unity in suffering when a classroom full of students have gone through the same ordeal and survived through it. Erin ties them as a unit with this cord. 

  1. Dead Poet's Society

No list of inspiring educational movies can ever be complete without this one. The late Robin Williams as John Keating, an English teacher has blown us away as an influential educator with controversial methods of teaching. Set in Vermont, John Keating brings in a breath of fresh air in the way education has traditionally been imparted to the prestigious Welton Academy.He jumped, he shouted, he laughed and he laughed. And we were caught up in awe. He took us on a roller coaster ride of the miraculous world of poetry and fine performances. He wowed us with, “I was the intellectual of 98-pound weaklings. I'd go to the beach and people would kick copies of Byron in my face”.His classroom walls echoed with the collective “Oh captain, my captain” as he said his goodbye to the students at the end. Robin Williams had our jaws dropped with each of his appearances in the movie. 

  1. Stand and Deliver

This is a true story of a high school Math teacher who manages to completely transform the underdogs in class into Math champions of the state. Edward James Olmos as Jamie Escalante speaks directly to the students' fears and shortcomings and inculcates in them a deep-seated love for not just Math, but the aspects that make them the underdogs.With every lesson, Mr. Escalante ushers in a one-of-a-kind energy and enthusiasm to the classroom. And students gulp it down with a tremendous hunger to strike back and show the system what they are made of. His remarks are equally action-inspiring. “Tough guys don't do math, tough guys deep fry chicken for a living”.He shows them how math is an equalizer between the standards that the world has so egoistically created to classify the human race. And as the students begin to love him, they fall in love with the subject as well. 

  1. The Karate Kid

Extreme dedication, respect for the profession and sheer diligence can get you through any hardship. The Karate Kid is a fusion of kung-fu, love, challenges and overcoming fear, nicely depicted in a flow of hard work and sincerity.Jackie Chan has been portrayed as a compassionate yet firm teacher with a heart of gold. And Jared Smith as Dre, his young and promising student, who beats the odds of bullying with the support he receives from his teacher. It shows the ideal characteristics that every teacher should possess in order to be a better human being before his students.The movie also rolls in emotion and victory into a big tumbleweed of success as Dre, the student holds up the shining trophy at the end of a kung-fu tournament. 

  1. The Miracle Worker

This exceptional and flawless movie isn't just about teaching, it is also about the deep-seated perseverance that we all nurture in our hearts. The story revolves around a young Hellen Keller, who has been deafened and muted by an unfortunate episode of scarlet fever. When her parents send for assistance, the Perkins School for the Blind sends Anne Sullivan, who touches our hearts.The intense encounters that they go through evoke emotions with miraculous skills. The struggles and the desperation that they experience in the movie are stand-alone masterpieces. The impressive depiction of love, care, humility and perseverance that go into educating a child have tugged at our hearts with intense passion.These movies inspire us every day. In our daily lives, we come face to face with situations that are laced with unending possibilities of going wrong. It all boils down to how we decide to act upon those, learn from the experiences and impart the lessons that define us. And these movies bring to us valuable lessons along with a relaxation respite to calm our nerves.Treat yourself to a piece of impressive cinema.


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