Top 5 Exam Tips for College Students

Top 5 Exam Tips for College Students

If schooldays are the golden days of one’s life, ‘college-days’ are probably the most delightful experiences in one’s lifetime! After all, your college-life is the time when you are brimming with a heart full of new dreams, aspirations and curiosity. It’s almost like a fresh breadth of life, promising more independence and fun, in more ways than one.

When I was a fresher in my college, my brain also entertained this nice and rose picture of the much-awaited college-life. While I was interested in meeting new people, my college-mates were more eager to bunk classes, go to parties or blind dates. That was not all. I also bumped across people who loved locking themselves in the college library. Or, spent hours in the IT lab collecting reference study materials for their notes. Such was the diverse population of my college.

But, the monster which managed to bring unity in this diversity was ‘examination’! And, if you’re a college-kid, you know what I mean. Pangs of anxiety hit each college student from the time the date of exams are announced – and continue till the results are declared. I remember how most of my friends used to break a sweat while writing their papers, while few others literally ran a temperature on the days we had exams.

Well, I have a few clever tricks up my sleeve which can help you conquer this invincible enemy: college exam.

  • Arrive early: Try this, it really works. Arrive at your exam center at least twenty minutes prior to the time when the exam is scheduled to commence. Then, chat with some of your class-mates. Discuss the tricky topics or important questions which are likely to appear in the exam. You can also discuss significant formulas, dates or theories with your friends. Furthermore, you might even explain a particular topic to your batch-mate which he has not understood. It’ll make you revise your lessons and improve your memory as you start solving the paper.
  • Plan your paper: Most college students complain of lengthy question papers. For, when college exams continue for three hours (sometimes they do!), they can be agonizing. When you get your question sheet, take five minutes to glance through all the questions. Identify the easiest ones and start writing them immediately. And, solve the tough questions later. You can also write the lengthiest answers at the very end. This will save you precious time during the examination, so that you get enough time to analyze each question and answer it accurately in the exam.
  • Concentrate: I know it’s really difficult to remain focused throughout the exam session, but it’s extremely important for you to concentrate. And, concentrate well. It’s natural to be fatigued, especially when you are seated continuously for two hours without any breaks. Change your posture every thirty minutes. Or, treat yourself a casual stretch. If you feel sleepy, take the invigilator’s permission and visit the washroom. Splash your face with water. You will feel more relaxed and instantly energized! Don’t make the mistake of hurrying through an exam, if you want to score well.
  • Be calm: When I was writing the Advertising paper during my final graduation exam, I had to confront several tricky questions. They were completely alien to me, and naturally, I was clueless about their answers. Initially, I must admit I had butterflies in my stomach. But then, I suddenly realized that I could not afford to waste even a minute in this exam. Taking a deep breadth, I whispered a silent prayer and proceeded to the other questions. Finally, I finished solving the whole paper except that one. Then, with a calm mind, I started writing that tough one. And, believe me, my scores were really good in this subject!
  • Always review: Finally, when are you done with the paper, never forget to review your performance. We are bound to make silly errors when we are answering a series of questions in a hurry. So, I would suggest you don’t be overconfident and revise your paper once are finish it. At times, we might be desperate to submit the answer-sheet and leave the exam hall as soon we complete the paper. But, resist the temptation to do so, friends. You’ll often come across careless mistakes in your paper, as you go through them. It increases your grades considerably.

I think I have cracked some of the reasons why your class topper scores brilliantly in his exam. So you have all the secrets now, dear college examinees. Are all the do’s and don’ts of exams clear to you guys now?

If yes, then, ready, steady and GO! Go conquer that ‘exam’ monster and emerge as the next college topper with these exclusive exam tips. And, if you possess a few more ideas on how people can ace their college exams, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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