Top 5 Tools to Learn a New Language

Top 5 Tools to Learn a New Language

We belong to a blessed generation, don’t we? I mean, just look around you. You are constantly ‘bombarded’ by information. Dear Internet, the human race is indebted to you for bringing the world at the fingertips! Want to know what’s going on in the world? Turn to Google. Or online news websites. Better still, just log onto your favorite social networking sites. Technology is just waiting to offer you assistance at every step of your lives.

Besides being a virtual storehouse of information, the Internet has also proved its expertise as an ‘online teacher’. No wonder thousands of students are making a beeline for distance learning courses which are basically conducted online. Thanks to the World Wide Web, learning is no longer dull.

Speaking of learning, tell me how often have you wanted to learn a new language? But, have backed away due to lack of time? Believe me, when there is a will, there is definitely a way. The Internet offers some powerful tools which would help you master a new language. Wondering what they are? Just continue reading to find out!

  • Rosetta Stone: Rosetta Stone is a special Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Software. You can trust it, for it is quite reputable as an online tool for learning any language. Yes, I admit this software is a bit expensive. But, if you compare it to a traditional tutor you would realize why it is worth giving Rosetta Stone a try at least for once. It uses spaced repetition technique through audio, video, text and images.This software imparts lessons in a large number of languages. Some of them are English, Dutch, French, German, Korea, Latin, Vietnamese, Turkish, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Thai and several others.
  • Livemocha: Boasting of over 10 million learners from 195 nations, Livemocha is another popular online community for language learners. It offers lessons in as many as 38 languages. Choose your favorite one from Sanskrit, Kazakh, Cantonese, Yiddish, Icelandic, French and many more. You would love the blend of traditional learning techniques and online, interactive sessions provided by this tool. Livemocha has quizzes, games and flashcards which can be used for learning languages.I will tell you how it works. Firstly, a video demonstration would be displayed for you, in Livemocha. It would consist of a conversation between two native speakers of the language. Through this, you would get a rough idea about the grammar and style of the language. Further, tutors would explain you the logic behind the usage of grammar, before you proceed on to some interactive sessions on the same.
  • Duolingo: If you want to steer clear of the complications associated with a regular language learning course, you must use the ‘Duolingo’ application. With the aide of this unique app you can learn any language be it French, Danish, Portuguese, German, Italian or English. Various online texts would be provided to you by Duolingo. And, you have to translate them. The best part is that you will receive instant feedback upon your performance. It would also help you with the words which are troublesome to you. This app can be downloaded on Android as well as iOS platforms. In case if you still doubt Duolingo’s talent, I would just like to add another fact. This app was awarded the ‘Best Education Start-Up Award’ in the year 2013, for its contribution in the field of language learning.
  • Byki: Now I am pretty certain this would make you jump with joy! A software known as ‘Byki’ is absolutely free and is one of the most efficient tools to know a new language. You can learn upto 74 languages with the aide of this amazing software, including Chinese, Latin, French, Czech, Irish, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Urdu and many more.It also helps you build a strong vocabulary. This is done through some interesting games, articles, vocab lists and online applications. Members of Byki’s community keep posting lists of words for learners. So you can easily gain easy access to it and improve your vocab. You can even keep a tab on your rate of progress through the free mobile app of Byki which is available on Facebook.
  • Memrise: ‘Memrise’ is another web-based tool which uses interesting images, memory tricks and flashcard techniques to teach a language. You would be happy to know that this program is absolutely free. In addition, Memrise also has Android and iOS apps. So you can also use it on your mobile as you travel! This tool offers exciting games to users, along with points and rewards which makes the language learning experience fun.

So students, start exploring online learning options for mastering a new language. Do a good research on the different community websites, software and apps which would do you a favor.

Remember, we must ensure an optimum utilization of the resources which are such wonderful products of technology!


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