Top 5 Ways Creative Learning helps Kids

Top 5 Ways Creative Learning helps Kids


We live in a planet which is constantly changing colors, just like a chameleon! This reminds me of the popular song by the renowned American singer Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are a-Changin”. Well, indeed, they are. Since the world is evolving every day, it is also confronting with new challenges and complications. No wonder governments and organizations are seeking innovation in all forms, to counteract the negative impacts of such modifications.

But ushering innovation can’t be abrupt. The seeds of innovation must be reaped inside a person’s brain, right from his early childhood. I bet you are thinking about how to do that. The solution is simple. Expose your child to the vast ocean of creativity from today onwards. This can be done by introducing your child to a brand new experience of creative learning and discover his joy as he learns.

Creative learning would not only make your child accustomed to the ever-changing world, but it would help him in a lot many ways. For instance, it would encourage your kid to be more cooperative when working in a team, boost his problem-solving skills, spark his imagination power and so on.Let us learn about the top five ways creative learning can be like a blessing to your child, in the following few paragraphs:

Nurtures psychological development

My friend’s younger sister Sally is quite an introvert. She easily becomes nervous amidst large gatherings. And, you can never figure out if she is sad, tensed, happy or anxious. So, she prefers being on her own, shutting herself up in her room. Obviously, her school grades are dropping steadily and her parents are worried. She is five years old.

They could have avoided this if they treated Sally to some interesting creative learning sessions. Creativity encourages students to express their emotions and understanding them. This helps kids to handle their emotions better.

Helps physical development

Creativity can be fostered in some exciting ways, which can brighten up your child’s face, any day. Many schools arrange for compulsory arts and crafts classes, particularly for the students from kindergarten till the second standard. In these classes, young students are asked to paint using crayons, color pencils, pencils or paint brushes.

Now, I am reminded of my creative learning classes in school. Our teacher used to help us create designs using spray painting, make Christmas tree cutouts with marble paper and embellish it with tiny bells and much more. All these things improve motor skills and eye-hand coordination, making children physically fit.

Develops cognitive skills

Children must develop their cognitive skills which would enable them to reason, understand, analyze and memorize lessons. Creative learning imparts all such essential skills to students, as their brains are engaged in imagining more and more. For instance, when a child is playing with ‘play dough’ or painting, he automatically starts learning about the basic concepts of Math. Wondering how is it possible?

Well, when children make objects out of play dough, they get to understand the ideas of ‘more’ and ‘less’. Then, they also start learning about shapes of various objects.

Supports language development

Building up the vocabulary is one of the most important steps for learning a new language. Most parents buy books which teach alphabets to children and contain alphabetical rhymes. These are given to kids when they step on to their nursery classes. I know some schools which make students play with alphabetical toys and pictures.

This helps young kids learn to associate words with pictures, thereby discovering new words. You know how most children are! They are easily distracted and have very short attention spans. Creative learning undoubtedly is the best way to make learning fun for them.

Promotes social development

Remember Sally about whom I was just talking about some time ago? I have already told you how unsocial she is turning out. If you want your child to be a smart one, please make sure she actively takes part in singing, puppetry, dancing and theatre. If her school has no such options, you must enroll her into private coaching centers which look after these cultural arenas. They would cure her of stage fright. But, this is not the only benefit of such extra-curricular events.

Enacting in stage plays or participating in dances would make your child more comfortable working in a team. It help her learn the value of cooperation and team-spirit.

Have you understood why creative learning is an extra edge for success? It can really act like a magic wand for your kids. And, transform them into useful citizens of the world!


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