Top 5 ways Forest Schools help students

Top 5 ways Forest Schools help students

Imagine playing ‘hide-and-seek’ with your classmates amidst lush green forests, and surrendering yourself to Mother Nature. And, sitting around a large bonfire near a neat camp with your fellow class friends and a teacher. No classroom, no chalk and blackboard and no desks and chairs – just you guys, and the serene ambience of the dense woodlands refreshing your souls! You think I’m kidding, right? How can forests be a part of “school”?

Ah, well, have you ever heard of the term ‘forest schools’? Simply put, forest schools imply ‘schooling in forests’. I bet most of you must be scratching your heads in disbelief. Trust me, forest schools do exist. Such schools offer a unique type of outdoor education to children, young adults and even adults, in a natural environment. Pupils are taught about the role of trees in the planet, ecosystems, problem-solving and team-work.

All you have to do is blend in with Mother Nature and fall in love with Her as you imbibe education, seated in Her lap! Forest schools can work wonders for your child in more ways than one. If you wish to discover the joys associated with such a style of learning, please continue reading:

Keeps students healthy: You will notice a marked difference between the routines of traditional schools and those of forest schools. Forest schools ensure students are involved in more physical activities. So naturally, they don’t turn obese and also develop healthier minds. The different games they play in such schools boost their confidence. Not only that, the emotional well-being of students also increases, once they are enrolled into these schools. Overall, they become completely fit and healthy.

Makes learning enjoyable: Learning is boring for most kids. However, forest schools transform learning into an enjoyable experience. Pupils are asked to complete interesting tasks, which are easy to accomplish. This way they are trained to finish tasks independently, and also work together in a team. Some of you might not be very comfortable in woodlands. Nature schools would help you connecting with nature more strongly and beautifully, in the coming years. And you will start finding peace in natural surroundings!

Helps stay safe: I still remember my inability to climb trees as a child. I was simply too scared to explore nature. It happened because I was never exposed to the wilderness offered by forest schools. These educational institutes teach leaners how to confront unfamiliar circumstances and adopt ways of self-defense. For instance, you can learn how to climb trees, use natural tools for building makeshift shelters and light a fire from dry leaves and twigs in such schools. Knowledge of these life skills prepare you for adverse situations which might appear out of the blue.

Develops self-confidence: Some kids lack confidence. Others might be nervous, and stammer when asked simple questions. Forest schools provide the perfect opportunity to these children to develop their self-confidence by encouraging their creative instincts. Imagine spending five or six hours in a forest, which lacks modern facilities we humans are so used to! You have to set up the tent, light up a fire and do other necessary tasks all by yourself when you are taking shelter in the wilderness. So, a new level of self-confidence automatically enters your heart.

Encourages ‘special children’: You will find several students who hate going to schools. Some others might have learning disorders like short attention spans which prevent them from understanding lessons clearly. Or, some might be slow learners. Forest schools cater to the needs of all such students with ‘special needs’. Students have fun learning amongst a natural landscape along with their classmates, especially boys. It’s simply because boys love outdoor activities like games, and tend to get bored inside a typical classroom.


These are only some of the best benefits of forest schools. Why not discover the rest by admitting your child to a forest school today?

I agree, academic education is crucial for the intellectual growth of children. But forest schools go a long way in molding the personality of kids. You would be amazed how such schools help kids get ready for traditional school environments. Children learn how to deal with challenging situations, being exposed to real-life incidents. Being located amidst nature, forest schools are often referred to as ‘nature schools’. So, children and young adults also learn how to love nature and live in harmony with nature.

This helps one evolve into eco-friendly citizens of the world, who would cherish their association with Mother Nature and safeguard Her from all kinds of threats!


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