Top 5 Ways to Make Math Fun and Easy

Top 5 Ways to Make Math Fun and Easy

 Math is a subject that has been misunderstood quite often. But why? Because it is showcased as a perplexing subject. The most common one liner for math: “O! It’s such a tough subject.” Basically, math arouses fear. A change in the approach towards the subject can surely alter the age old misconceptions and fear myths encircling math. Let’s have a look at the easy to go ways, to make this subject a loving and desirable one.

The Basics: Through Physical Activities

Assuming, that a child has finished his/her counting lessons, the next step should be to clear the concepts of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Since, young children love to play around, math can be introduced into their action packed activities.Here’s a look at how it can be done:

Sums on Sand Pits:

Amusement parks are favorite spots for young children. In between sliding and swinging, they can be made to practice math on sand pits. Almost every amusement park has the facility of a sand pit. You will have to take the initiative to write down the sums on the sand. Your ward will surely have friends. The kids can solve the problems together.


You can utilize your neighborhood to help your child learn the basics. If the local terrain has an array of trees, making your child count one tree after another can develop the addition skills.It can also be done, by making him/her run down the steps. You can run along with your child and ask him/her to count the number of steps covered. Physical activity along with math can be a lot of fun. And the positive thing is, if your child starts loving it, he/she might want to repeat it over and over again. And every time he/she wants to do it, you need to show equal enthusiasm and accompany your child.

Sums in Sports:

Here’s the story of a boy named Allen from Brooklyn. He hated math like anything, and his parents were going berserk about his poor grades in class. They kept their calm and resorted to a solution.They decided to introduce math in sports. Since Allen was very fond of running, and would often race with his friends, his parents decided to host a math race. Wondering what it is?Ok so here’s the idea. To win the race, one had to run from the starting point to an anonymous point. At the anonymous point, each competitor had to solve a math, and after solving it had to return to the starting point again. The math had to be correctly solved for the race to be won. So the first person to reach the finish line with the right answer, would be the winner.Allen would always win races. And like every other day, he finished the race first. But guess what, he got his math wrong. And so he was not declared the winner. He was angry and disappointed.He understood that in order to win a math race, he got to get his sum right. It was from then on that Allen grew his interest in math. And today he wins the math race over and over again. And each time he solves math on the running track, the better does his skill become.

Vesting Shopping Responsibility:

Young children frequently show their interest in household activities. You can take your child to the market place and give him/her the responsibility to maintain the account of the items purchased, their prices, and finally, calculate the sum total.So the next time you visit the local market place, do not forget to tag along your child with you.

A Step ahead of Basics

While building a house, the first thing that gets built is the base or the foundation. Stronger the base, the better is the durability of the house. Likewise, the basics of math need to be understood clearly. Without a clear idea, math will seem troublesome. At this stage it is expected that your child has already formed a good idea about the basic stages of math which obviously includes the tables.

Knowing the tricks:

Huge multiplications are time consuming. How about resolving them in seconds? There are various tricks that can shorten the time to do big calculations. For example, if your child has to multiply 353 with 11, the answer would be 3883.So here’s how to do it. The first and the last digits of the number being multiplied by 11 would be the same as that of the result. 353 begins with 3 and ends with 3. So does the answer 3883.To find the numbers in between, take the number 353 and add the first digit with the second. So the first digit is 3 and the second is 5. Adding the two numbers gives 8. Then again take the second digit and add it with the third. The second digit is 5 and the third is 3. When you add them, you get 8.But the numbers have to be placed serially. In this case, since both of them are 8, they might be mistakenly arranged, which however would yield the same result.There are a whole lot of videos available on the internet which are sure to solve the time consuming problems while solving sums.Math is not a talent but a skill. Just like sporting attributes, or abilities in mastering any art form, mathematical skills need to be developed. The more it develops the better is the harness.


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