Top 7 Job Hunting Tips for Teachers

Top 7 Job Hunting Tips for Teachers

When applying for any job in particular, your first and foremost stress should be on your CV. You have to highlight your strengths in the best possible manner such that they can be comprehended in the blink of an eye.

Teaching is no different either. Your CV and experience do play a vital role in landing you the job that you had dreamt of at the start. Even if you have no prior experience of teaching, you can still land yourself a job on the basis of your knowledge and your personality.

In this article, we’ve provided a few job-hunting tips that are meant specifically for teachers. If you are a fresher looking to get into the noble job in teaching, you may also benefit from this article in particular. So let’s begin without further ado.

1. Try private tutoring to gather some experience

An experience in tutoring can look great on your CV. Hence, it’s advisable to try that out at the start of your career to get results in the long run.

You can also take up tutoring as a part-time job in college and earn yourself a few extras and experience in the process. A small step like that can go a long way indeed.

Note: You may try online tutoring for more convenience. You will be able to increase your student reach and take your sessions from the very comfort of your drawing room. All you’ll need is a steady internet connection and a working device to get on it.

2. Try out substitute teaching

Don’t have a too high opinion of yourself such that you don’t even consider substitute teaching (given a choice). Here’s a suggestion for you: Take it. It’s going to benefit you in the long run.

Substitute teaching is a great way to bond with students, make connections and gain a bit of experience. Who knows? If you are that good, the school might even consider taking you in as a full-time teacher.

So go for it.

3. Build your network

Make your friends and family aware of the fact that you are looking for a teaching job in the market.

Most schools or colleges usually call up candidates who are vouched for by credible sources. Hence, you need to put the word out there that you are available for the interview.

These teaching avenues can come in handy for this purpose of yours:

  • Tutoring: Get the word out there that you are looking for a full-time teaching job.

  • Corporate training institutes: If you have joined one, inform them of your underlying intentions.

  • Mentorship programs.

  • Your very own college alumni.

4. Look for part-time or contractual positions

Don’t ever hesitate to accept part-time or contractual teaching positions at the start of your career.

Remember, the initial stage of your career is all about building a strong interconnected network between several credible schools or colleges. You need references more than anything. Contractual teaching positions can help you with that. Why waste it?

5. Use social media platforms to great effect

Try to build up your very own teaching channel on social media.

You can have your own Facebook page that’s devoted entirely to teaching. Or you can also have your personal YouTube platform that’s devoted to the same cause. It doesn’t matter how you do it until you do it.

All these things can look really impressive on your resume. So why don’t you give it a try?

6. Get into blogging

Blogging is an admirable activity that can make you a standout among the crowd. It’s something that can also look exceptional on your CV.

Through the aid of blogging, you will be able to build up your very own learning community on the internet which is a noble deed in itself. By contributing to the society, you can really make a difference on the whole. All these things are considered very desirable from the teaching point of view.

7. Research about schools or colleges in your town itself

The more information you have about your local school or college environment, the more ready you’ll be for the job.

Such information can include things like the current curriculum, teaching trends, teaching salaries and other related information. So make sure you stay up to date. It’s something that can really make a difference at the time of your interview.



So that’s it then. Hope you found the tips exceptionally handy for your purpose. With that, we’ll bring this article to an end for now. Hope you had a good read.


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