Top Advantages of Taking AP Exams in High School

Mar 05, 2020

AP and IB(International Baccalaureate) are two best options available at the disposal of high school aspiring candidates. These exams are mainly taken to test the academic knowledge and overall grasp of the student over the subject. These exams are the best because they have no downhill but only uphill. There is no reason for not applying for them. If the student succeeds in cracking these exams, then he can avail various benefits from the university as well college.

1) Advertising:

Students willing to take admission in good colleges are expected to advertise themselves. Since they are not alone but instead are one person standing in a very long queue, the university hopes to get students for their limited seats that stand out from the crowd. Here the marketing comes into the picture. In this phase, student showcases his abilities and tries to reserve a seat for himself in that college. The better the frame looks, the more the chances to get selected. Here AP and IB seems to be a boon! They take advertising to a whole new level and convert it into endorsing. There is nothing more effective advertisement than a student producing a successful AP result certificate in his file. This certificate pushes the student to the top of the stack and has more chances to be selected than anybody else.

2) Subjects:

Students who are inclined towards academics might find the idea of attending summer schools very compelling. Technically, summer schools are specific training courses taken by prestigious colleges to train students in a particular subject to a greater depth. They also provide a certificate that proves student’s merit in the area. This not only boosts the student’s knowledge by leaps and bounds but also accelerate their career in that field. But these types of summer training are mostly unavailable in relatively smaller colleges. Students can, however, get the same effect by selecting customized courses for them designed by the teachers especially for that candidate. However, the college is reluctant to do so in most of the cases. Since they don’t want to risk their resources on the candidate, they fully trust. This trust could easily be gained by showing a valid certificate of AP tests. These certificates prove that they have an academic knack and are talented and hard-workers. These shreds of evidence are compelling enough to get through them the point that student is actually interested. This should allow the students to pursue the course they are interested in greater detail instead of the general syllabus designed for every student.

3) Financial:

High school education put a lot of load on the parent’s pockets. Many people think two times before putting their money on the table and some people, though willing, cannot afford this amount of money. AP test score greater than four can get some amazing scholarships are tuition fee waivers which can make it feasible for the weaker section. This is one of the largest boons that one can get out of these results. It makes the inaccessible accessible. It also ensures the college giving admission that the student is interested in education and is willing to work hard, and hence such students are given more exposure, are taken greater care of, endow best possible resources available at disposal. This helps in the all-round development of the student as compared to others. Although all of this output is achieved only after years of hard work, it spawns from a good score.

4) Preparation:

Scoring well in AP will require mastering the subjects at the high school at a greater detail. For this, you should start AP preparation now. This will help the students to learn in advance subjects and hence education at the high school will seem easier. The subjects will be practiced at greater detail and hence the knowledge gained will be more. This is a significant advantage that places the students above their peers, and their ideas are greatly developed. And hence it is said that these tests don’t have a downhill.

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