Top Android Apps to Learn Physics

Top Android Apps to Learn Physics

Newton’s laws of motion, refraction and reflection were amongst the Science topics that thrilled me, when I was a high-schooler. And so did the idea of electromagnetism. I remember spending hours in my school’s lab, trying out experiments to study the magnetic lines of force with the help of bar magnets! Yes, Physics was one of my favorite subjects in school.

But, nowadays I bump into many young students who dislike Physics. What comes as a bigger surprise is that most of them are attracted to Math. But, if you love Math, it’s an obvious fact that you would be drawn to Physics, as both of them deal with practical knowledge. Now, love it or hate it, you just cannot ignore studying Physics. Because, this subject is compulsory till the tenth standard in many schools. It teaches you how to solve problems, make graphs and reason logically. No wonder a majority of employers look at your Physics grades before hiring you!

Therefore, don’t underestimate your Physics sessions. Why not fuse your Physics lessons with modern technology? It would innovate your learning experience and make the subject interesting for you. Let me list the top Android apps that can help you learn Physics:

  • PhysicsOne: Eager to receive a simplified version of topics like light, motion, magnetism and other Physics-related concepts? Try the PhysicsOne app today. It is one of the most efficient Android apps, designed to make Physics easier for modern students. You would find nine different apps owned by PhysicsOne. Each of these apps are enough to educate you on a different topic belonging to this subject. Some of them contain quiz questions that discuss the topic thoroughly and explain things quite beautifully.
  • High School Physics: You must possess strong foundations in Physics, if you aim to score well in this Science subject, just like Math. High School Physics app is the coolest application that guides high schoolers. Basically, it imparts knowledge in the elementary level of Physics that is a part of the school curriculum till class 10 and class 12 boards. Therefore, if you are pursuing higher education in Physics, I wouldn’t advise you to utilize this app. High-schoolers must definitely use it.
  • Physics Cheat Sheets FREE: Physics Cheat Sheets FREE app would meet the requirements of students seeking detailed information on almost every Physics concept. You can easily access the information on a large variety of topics relevant to this field, if you choose to install this app on your device. It can act as a significant resource and reference for Physics students. However, you better use this Android app on a device with larger screen. For, it hardly fits into smaller screens of electronic gadgets.
  • Mobile Observatory – Astronomy: How often have you dreamt of sky gazing? Here is some good news for you: a new physics app known as Mobile Observatory – Astronomy enables you to do just that! And that too, in an amazingly unique way. Once you load this app, a vast zoomable sky would welcome you. Here, you would be pointed out the different kinds of nebulas, stars, constellations, planets and other astronomical elements. Furthermore, you would be explained about each of them in explicit details.
  • Physics Cheater: Well, I admit this app is not as effective as the other apps I have mentioned. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth a try my friends. Students requiring quick assistance in some Physics topics can employ the Physics Cheater You need not navigate through innumerable menus to detect the information you are looking for. For, you would discover that this app is quite quick and convenient for users. Theories on electrostatics, energy, thermodynamics, electric current, magnetism, momentum, work and much more.
  • Physics by WAGmob: All you need is a series of taps on your gadget to uncover various concepts of Physics if you use this app. Physics by WAGmob helps you learn about concepts like Radioactivity, Thermodynamics, Static Electricity, Magnetism, Electricity, etc. Students who love Physics would certainly appreciate this app. It helps you acquire knowledge on several topics and test it with the aid of quizzes. All the questions and information are properly structured. Get this app immediately if you are revising for your Physics exams.
  • Electrostatics and Electricity: Electrostatics and Electricity is yet another popular Android app. It is mostly employed by college students who are pursuing higher studies in Physics. Electricity as well as electrostatics are two of the most crucial Physics topics for the college level. This app is well equipped with numerous pictorial representations of this subject that makes it easier for users to learn effectively. Coulomb’s Law, Torque, Electric Charges and others are taught under the Electrostatics section. Under Electricity, you learn about Ohm’s Law, Resistance, etc.

So, teachers, you can get students to listen to you more attentively in your Physics classes, if you encourage them to use such apps. Because, Physics is really an exciting subject. So, don’t forget to enjoy it as you learn about its various elements. A combination of technology and education is sure to make this subject more student-friendly! I am sure that you would start loving Physics if you invest more time into it and of course utilize these fantastic apps in your Physics study sessions.


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