Top Free Resources for Learning Programming

Top Free Resources for Learning Programming

These days knowing how to program assures you of a good paying job, although it is not an easy task to learn. There are rules and guidelines to follow and you can’t do it by trial and error. Computer schools around the world are offering programming courses, however the fees required for you to learn it are very expensive. Thanks to the internet, you can find free resources for learning programming.

These resources list has been grouped into two categories.

The Interactive Type Resources are fun-filled sites that offer an easy learning process, by providing you with exercises and allowing you to try out the codes as you study. The learning experience becomes an enjoyable thing because the programming lesson is made easy to understand.

The Theory Type Resources are similar to ebooks.  You learn by reading the texts about the programming language. How fast you learn depends on your interest in the course and how diligently you study.

Here are some of the interactive type resources.

1.  Code Avengers is named after the movie, The Avengers that was a blockbuster in Hollywood.  You need to create an account with it, so you can track your learning progress. There are 10 lessons that when completed will earn you points. They have Java Script courses for learners.

2. jQuery Air is the worlds most used framework for Java Script.  Registration is required. There are several course levels, where you will be shown a webcast for each level. Then you’ll have challenges to be solved. Points and batches will be awarded to you once you complete your challenges.

3.  Programmer Stack Exchange  allows you to write codes on many languages including Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, C, C++, and more. It does not teach programming from bottom to top, but it allows you to learn on your own by checking programs created by other users.

4. Codecademy  has lessons of Python, Ruby and Java Script and learning here is so much fun. Using this resource is similar to studying under a private tutor; you are provided with an online code editor.  There is no need for you to download anything or install anything.  You need to register and complete the exercises that will earn you points and batches.

5.  Hackety Hack is a downloadable program to any platform such as Windows, Linux or Mac.  You will be taught how to program right from the beginning up to the end.

Some theory type resources are as follow.

(a) MIT Open Course Ware is a free resource, which is most reputed and allows you to browse through and use the different courses. It does not only help you learn computer programming, but it also provides assistance in understanding the various concepts of engineering, science and others.

(b) Google Code University is a source from Google to developers.  There are various courses offered according to audience levels. The forums can provide support, as well as other Google products that include Google App engine and the Google Code.

(c) Wiki Books has an extensive collection of free materials that teach programming and computing, that are written in nearly all languages.  Scan the list and find what you need; you can immediately start reading and learning.

(d) Free-ed offers free resources on various topics- / The programming section will keep you busy reading for months. The texts are easy to understand, hence, beginner- friendly.

(e) Berkeley Webcast has webcasts and useful information on various disciplines of engineering and computing section, respectively.


There are hundreds more sources available to learn programming that you can find online.  The above list will turn out to be a very big one, if we list all of them out here. Hence, we do not markdown the possibility that we may have missed out on many other good resources, so feel free to add them here.

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