Top International Schools in Kuwait

Top International Schools in Kuwait

If you underestimate the potential of Kuwait as an educational destination, you are definitely mistaken! Do you want to know why? Well, take a quick look at the latest data presented by the CIA World Factbook, as determined by the 2007-2011 census. Statistics claim that Kuwait had recorded a literacy rate of 94% in this period. Enough said!

Trust me, you will find a large number of schools in Kuwait. Each and every child is entitled to receive education here, including ‘differently abled’ children. What’s more, you would be really lucky if you win a chance to study in the universities of UK, US and others. For, the government of Kuwait promises scholarships to such meritorious students.

So you see, education in Kuwait has been constantly improving over the years! Apart from traditional schools, you would also come across innumerable international schools in this part of the world. Let us look at the different international schools here:

  • American International School of Kuwait
  • India International School
  • Al-Nibras International School
  • International Academy of Kuwait
  • Kuwait International English School
  • International School of Pakistan
  • New Pakistan International School

American International School of Kuwait: Located in Meidan Hawalli, the American International School of Kuwait is a private school. It is an official member of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) since the year 1993. This school follows the US curriculum. However, Arabic and religion classes are also conducted, upon the instructions of the Ministry of Education. It is the one and only World School in Kuwait which is approved by the IBO.

India International School: Also referred to as IIS, India International School is affiliated to the Indian CBSE board. The school has been recognized by the Ministry of Education. It is based in Mangaf and was established in 2003. The main aim of this school is to enhance the life skills of their students. Students of this institution are also encouraged to take an active part in extra-curricular activities. For instance, skills are imparted in the fields of calligraphy, dance, music, Islamic studies, public speaking and so on.

Al-Nibras International School: Al-Nibras International School is a unique school in Kuwait which educates children with ‘special needs’. The school came into existence in 2004, in the month of September. Mentally retarded students, aged between four and twelve are taught various kinds of lessons here. Arabic language, particularly the Kuwaiti dialect is generally used as a medium of instruction in this institute. Physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy are the special lessons which are imparted here. Besides that, a monthly checkup, counselor and nurse are also provided for helping the students.

International Academy of Kuwait: Situated in Meidan Hawalli, the International Academy of Kuwait is inspired by the national syllabus of England. It offers co-educational facilities and provides education to approximately 1,500 students, on reception, primary and secondary levels. Students of this academic institution are motivated to excel not only in terms of academics, but even psychologically and spiritually. Apart from offering knowledge, this school also conducts educational trips every year. This goes a long way in instilling an interest amongst pupils to learn things in an interesting way.

Kuwait International English School: British style of curriculum is followed strictly by Kuwait International English School. The school belongs to the Al Ryan group of school. It is located in Hawalli. Students right from kindergarten levels till the twelfth year are taught in this academic organization. From the tenth year, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education program is followed.

International School of Pakistan: The International School of Pakistan (ISP) is yet another co-educational school which is present in Abraq Khaitan area of Al Farwaniyah, Kuwait. Just like the International Academy of Kuwait, this school too is co-educational. It is approved by the Ministry of Private Education and is authorized by the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad (FBISE). English is used to impart lessons. However, Urdu is also used as a second language for teaching Pakistanis. Urdu is the medium of instruction at least till the higher secondary level. You will find that the school possesses biology, chemistry, physics and computer laboratories. The school was established during 1975.

New Pakistan International School: New Pakistan International School was established in 1997. It strictly adheres to a Pakistani syllabus and imparts knowledge to approximately 500 students.

Kuwait is home to a few other notable international schools, apart from the ones mentioned above. So, you have a lot of options for your child. However, ensure that you note the affiliations and the curriculum style of the schools, before you admit your kids into schools.


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