Top iPad Apps to Learn Chemistry

Top iPad Apps to Learn Chemistry

Complex chemical reactions in the laboratory was making Kanokwan crazy. She had mixed potassium permanganate with sodium hydroxide, as instructed by her Chemistry teacher. Yet, she was unable to obtain the appropriate color of the resultant solution. And this was her third attempt. This fifteen-year-old girl, frustrated at her failure, threw up her hands in the air. Why was Chemistry so unfair to her always?

Now the fact is, Kanokwan is not the only student who despises this tricky Science subject. There are several learners, who find it tough to balance Chemical equations perfectly. Or, taste success in their Chemical experiments in school. First of all, I want to advise such students not to lose heart. For, technology has joined hands with education to make it more ‘student-friendly’ now.

Want to know about a fun way to master this subject? You got to listen to this, then. Now, plenty of mobile apps are available that help you understand various elements of Chemistry! You can use them as additional guides, along with your textbook and notes. So let us take a glance at some of the top iPad apps to learn Chemistry, in the following paragraphs:

  • Atom-Builder: Good news for you. You can know the basics of electrons, protons and neutrons now, with the aid of an interesting game known as ‘Atom-Builder’. It is amongst the popular Chemistry apps, for sure. You can use this game as you are completing your Chemistry home assignments that are based on the structure of atoms. This app can be easily downloaded in your iPhone, iPod and also iPad. The game becomes tougher with every level but is exciting.
  • Chemical Reaction Lite: How many of you are curious? When I say ‘curious’, I mean how many of you are curious to learn how and why different chemicals out together, react? If yes, ‘Chemical Reaction Lite’ is the perfect Chemistry app for you. You would love to see Dr. Smith experimenting with chemicals and come up with strange Chemical solutions, if you use this app. Students of all ages can play this game as it is quite convenient. Also, it has attractive graphics.


  • Chemistry Formula Practice Lite: When I was in the tenth standard, I remember how Chemical formulas gave me sleepless nights. I learnt ten formulas in a day and the next day, I could hardly remember three out of them. How I wish I had the ‘Chemistry Formula Practice Lite’, in my childhood. It lets you study the formulas of organic Chemistry, molecular compounds, hydrocarbons, bases, acids, salts as well as polyatomic ions. It goes a long way enabling learners to memorize formulas.


  • Gas Laws HD Lite: You would certainly come across the Gas Laws, if you are studying Chemistry in the ninth standard. Though they are interesting, retaining them in your memory is not a matter of joke. ‘Gas Laws HD Lite’ app enlightens you on various aspects of this part of Chemistry. For instance, you get to know about the different kinds of relationships between temperature, pressure, specific number of particles of any gas and so on. Charles’s Law, Boyle’s Law and Graham’s Law are all well explained here.


  • LabAssistant: As the name suggests, ‘LabAssistant’ would guide you as you go about your experiments in the laboratory. So you can bid farewell to all the confusion you might have been harboring in your practical sessions! The app lets you know if you are utilizing the appropriate chemicals to produce a certain Chemical reaction. This is done by permitting you to check if the materials you are trying to use possesses the right kind of compatibility rating. Try it out today and become smarter in the lab!


  • Periodic Table of the Elements: The periodic table in Chemistry is considered amongst the toughest portions of this subject. How can you master it without tearing your hear apart? Well, you can do so by downloading the app called ‘Periodic Table of the Elements’ on your iPads. All you have to do is choose any chemical characteristic of any compound. Next, you can see the whole chart of the periodic table being color coded. This helps you notice how different compounds react differently with respect to the particular characteristic.


  • Oresome Elements: ‘Oresome Elements’ is a unique iPad app that is mainly utilized by high school Chemistry students. It is actually designed in the form of an interactive game that lets you learn about the periodic table. There are three different levels in this game. The speed with which the elements navigate can be controlled with the help of a setting button. So, students, you need not struggle with your periodic table any longer. This game would help you sail smoothly through it.


  • Molecule Rush: Do you want to know more about molecules and they are created? If yes, you must go for the app known as ‘Molecule Rush’. The app explains the process how every atom is arranged one by one, to make molecules. After the process of building one molecule is completed, the app user can proceed to tougher or more advanced levels. It is more useful than most other Chemistry apps simply because it not only entertains but also informs to a great extent.

These are some of the best apps that can motivate you to study hard, when you are studying Chemistry. Why not start downloading the ones that best meets your requirements, dear friends? I assure you that Chemistry would cease to haunt you once you surrender yourself to these resourceful apps. Be it organic or inorganic Chemistry, or those tough-to-remember Chemical equations or formulas! After all, technology has made friends with education.


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