Top iPad Apps to Learn Geography

Top iPad Apps to Learn Geography

How many of you are in love with Geography? Do you like the sums on latitude and longitude? Or, studying about the climate and vegetation of the Prairies? Or, understanding the evolution of the Great Himalayas? Friends, I expect an honest answer. For, I know some children who are bored to death by this subject, especially in schools.

And, you can’t really blame them. How can learning a subject be fun when you are confined to a classroom with a blackboard, teacher and other fellow learners? Don’t you think modern educators should throw off the yoke of traditional chalk-and-blackboard technique? And instead, embrace technology inside classrooms?

Smart teachers are employing social media and various tools of technology to transform dull classroom sessions into exciting experiences. After all, Gen-Y is obsessed with iPads, iPhones and tablets. So, make an attempt to motivate them towards studies with the aide of these gadgets. Today, you can use a number of iPad apps for imparting education to kids.

I have compiled a list of some of the top iPad apps which would help you learn Geography. And, if you like them, don’t forget to share them with your teachers and peers. Well, curious to know what they are? Read on!

  • World Customs & Cultures: This Apple iPad app is perfect for students who are learning about different cultures prevalent in various continents. You can have access to information on more than 165 nations. All you need to do is browse the app by flags. But, you can even do so simply by scrolling. You will find that each country contains information classified into groups entitled ‘gender issues’, ‘communication style’, ‘gestures’, ‘law & order’, ‘eye contact’ and much more.
  • Quakes: What about an app which would inform you about the latest earthquake? Quakes is a free iPad app which notifies you whenever an earthquake is recorded. You will be able to identify the location of the earthquake in a map and observe the seismographic chart provided here. Moreover, the app also allows you to collect data about all the earthquakes which has occurred, which can be sorted by distance or time. Isn’t it special?
  • Fotopedia Heritage Free: Fotopedia Heritage Free is amongst the most popular Apple apps, enriched with about thirty thousand spectacular photographs! No wonder, it is known as the largest ‘photo book’ of the world. This app had been created in association with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and can be a great travel guide. You can use it to learn about the numerous cultural, natural and man-made heritage sites scattered throughout the world and add to your knowledge.
  • Google Earth: Are you tired of reading books or browsing through websites to know about your favorite countries or hiking trails? Why not explore the distant corners of the planet on your new iPad? Google Earth is another app, absolutely free of cost which can be employed to quench your thirst for knowledge. Browse through the road networks, photos, borders and different cities and acquaint yourself with fresh facts every day and visit the Earth gallery.
  • iLearn Geography: Are you thrilled by the wonders of Mother Nature? Have you ever imagined being part of life-like experiences of volcanoes and earthquakes? Or, enjoying the exquisite beauty of flowing rivers or gushing waterfalls? Now, you can delight yourself with all these, without having to travel! Treat yourself immediately, with the user-friendly interface of this app which boasts of a wonderful collection of all kinds of landscapes and exciting landmarks like cities, statues, buildings, etc.
  • World Flags Jigsaw Puzzle: Yes, this app too, is free. Most kids find it difficult to learn the flags of different nations. World Flags Jigsaw Puzzle is a fun way of teaching about flags with the aid of a jigsaw game. Its attractive display features are a hit with kids of all ages. Also, it’s very easy to complete the jigsaw game. It really motivates children to memorize the flags of various countries quickly and pronounce names of nations.
  • Globe for iPad: Quite often, it is not possible for students to remain hooked to their books. However, they are more prone to be glued to their electronic devices and use the Internet. The Globe for iPad app gives you access to all sorts of facts and information related to Geography. It does so by linking whatever country you select, to ‘Wikipedia’. What’s more, it is absolutely free of cost and very convenient for students.

Start using iPads in the classroom today, and watch your students score high grades in exams. Make Geography a lively subject for learners. Trust me, kids learn better when teachers devise new and exciting ways to explain things to them. It helps break the monotony and arouses the element of curiosity in children. Dear teachers, are you all ready to introduce these modern gadgets to your classrooms from today onwards?


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