Top Math Tutors in Manila

Top Math Tutors in Manila

Mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects for students nowadays, haunting their sleep with the boogeyman nightmares. This has reached such extreme heights that the fear has become ingrained into students' minds and they tend to look the other way without even giving Math a chance.

The worst part of fearing Math is appearing for a Math exam and the the dreaded result of the wrongly answered questions. A little bit of supplementary help in the form of exceptional Math tutors can work wonders in driving away the fright of Mathematics. This article will enlighten you with a list of top Math tutors of Manila.

Susana Yu

Susana Yu is a BS-Math graduate who has been tutoring since 2012. Susana believes in assessing the students first regarding how well they are doing and then help them understand the lessons that are difficult for them. Susana also provides written worksheets and exercises to students to help improve their Math abilities. Susana provides Math tuition to pre-school, elementary school, high school and senior school students.

Reynaldo A. Falcutila Jr.

A Bachelor in public Administration degree holder, Reynaldo has 4 years' experience as a tutor. He focuses more on Math, Algebra and Geometry and prefers one-to-one tutoring. Along with an assortment of subjects, Reynolds teaches Math to junior high school, elementary school and university students.


Rea has been teaching Math and Physics to senior high school, post 12th level and university students for 8-10 years now. Rea is a Math major and conducts classes from Monday to Thursday 1-4 pm and 8 am – 5 pm on Saturday. Rea provides students with notes and relevant study materials to help them through the maze of Math.

Wena Pineda

Hailing from Bataan, Wena Pineda is a engineering graduate, who has a one-to-one tutoring experience tutoring elementary, high school and college students. Wena is quite proficient in Math and focuses on Geometry, Solids, Mensuration and Algebra. Wena employs online tutoring to helps students learn Math.

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Jericho Miles

Jericho Miles is a students of Mapua Institute of Technology and is pursuing the BS degree in Chemical engineering. Jericho has been tutoring since the last 4 years and prefers the one-on-one tutoring approach. Jericho teaches students of the Junior High School level (6-9), Senior High School level (10-12) and university students. Jericho conducts online tutoring between 7-10 pm. In addition to Math, he teaches Physics, Chemistry and engineering subjects as well.

Karla Gabriel

Karla Gabriel is a licensed ECE engineer and a BS Electronics and Engineering graduate. Karla's Math tutoring started with her brother, whom she used to teach in between her studies at the college. From then onwards, Karla has been tutoring students to help them understand the concepts well and implementing those accurately in the exam. Karla teaches Mathematics to students of senior high school and post 12th standard students.

Catherine Ignacio

Catherine holds a bachelor's degree in Applied Statistics and has been providing Math tuition since quite some time now. She teaches students of elementary school (Grades 1-5), Junior high school (Grades 6-9) and university students as well. Apart from Math, Catherine teaches Filipino to elementary school students, Physics to junior high school students and Statistics and Applied Mathematics to university students. She prefers one-to-one tutoring.

Rene Torres

Rene Torres is a BS degree holder in Mathematics and a MS degree holder in Statistics. Rene has been coaching trainees aspiring for Math competitions like Philippines Math Olympiad, MTAP, DLSU Math Wizard, UPLB Mathematch etc. Rene also teaches Senior high School students (Grade 10-12). Rene's tutoring approach includes explaining the concepts well and evaluating the progress of students.

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Mark Anthony Cuyugan

Mark Anthony Cuyugan is a bechelor's degree holder in Mathematics and has been a private tutor since 2008. Mark has an experience in teaching high school and college students one-to-one or in groups. He teaches Mathematics to Senior High school students of grades 10-12. Mark has a unique tutoring approach which includes discussing the lesson, explaining the topics and providing practice exercise for students to understand their progress in. The topics he focuses on include high school and college algebra, trigonometry and geometry.

Erwin Beroin

Erwin Beroin is a former IB Math Studies teacher in European International School and a Math tutor for students of Brent, British School Manila, International School Manila, Southville International School and European International School. Erwin is a BSE degree holder in Mathematics and provides tuition in Mathematics for students of Senior High School (Grades 10-12). Erwin prefers group tuition and the other topics covered include IB Math SL and IB Math Studies.


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