Top Mobile Apps to Learn History

Top Mobile Apps to Learn History

Who likes digging up incidents that occurred hundreds and thousands of years ago? And study about the ancient kings and their kingdoms, gory battles, or political conspiracies of the past? To be honest, I love the past. After all, it is our past that molds the present, building foundations for the future. Yes, I am talking about the subject, ‘History’.

I know this subject tends to lull you off to sleep, at least some of you. How many times did your History teacher catch you dozing away, seated at the last bench in your History class? I would like to know, what exactly steals away your interest, students? Is it the dates that agonize your memory? Or just the World War that makes you yawn?

Or, do you think the technique of teaching History desperately needs a transformation? Well, it is so. The modern classroom has started giving a twist to the traditional teaching techniques by adding a touch of technology. Because, a classroom comprises different types of learners, from diverse backgrounds. To interest them all, teachers can use some mobile apps to enable students to learn History. It would certainly make History more interesting. Just continue reading to know about them:

  • Virtual History – ROMA: Want to explore the ancient Rome? Use the app Virtual History – ROMA. It appears like a magazine enriched with all kinds of information related to Rome. It includes videos, facts and images. Best part about it is that you can discover how certain portions of Rome underwent changes with the passage of time. This can be done with the help of 3D tools that manipulates various objects. Different sections consisting of public works, army, etc. are present here. Use it today.
  • NHM Evolution: The story of earth’s evolution remains to intrigue many History-lovers. NHM Evolution lets you access all kinds of details associated to it. Just follow its ‘timeline’ that gives you an idea of the eras and eons. Also, notice the ‘Timeglobe’ feature that displays how the earth’s mass started changing, with the aid of a 3D globe. Don’t miss the ‘Timeband’ that contains a collection of 100 art-pieces portraying the evolution of earth. Different landscapes have been used to depict it.
  • Pyramids 3D: The land of pharaohs and pyramids, Egypt continues to enthrall millions even today. You can visit the Giza Plateau boasting of the Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, if you use the Pyramids 3D Also, you can visit several ancient tombs, taking a virtual tour through this app. As you take this tour, you learn about every place by an expert audio feature explaining everything to you. It permits you to zoom virtual objects. Besides, you get a book speaking about Egyptian history.
  • Street Museum: Londonium: How about a guide who can educate you as you take a stroll across London? Street Museum: Londonium app is a virtual guide telling you about the Roman origins of London. You would come across red and purple pins across the app. Just tap on these points and you can discover new videos, photos or even sounds that reveal the history of London. The information is obtained with the cooperation of the History Channel. It also helps you know about Museum of London.
  • The British Monarchy: The British Monarchy is an exciting app that tells you about the rulers of Scotland and England, starting from the eighth century. Their biographies have been collected from Wikipedia. Mark your favorite monarchs and you can also attach your personal History notes in this app. Browse through as many biographies as you please by tapping on the image that appears on the top right corner. If you are drawn to political history, you would fall in love with this special app.
  • MFA Coins: Whenever my teacher explained me dynasties, I was eager to know what kind of coins were used during that time. Why don’t you use the app MFA Coins if you are also excited to learn about coins? Here, you would find Roman and Grecian coins, all categorized according to their civilizations. You can zoom in and out to study the coins in detail, friends. Also, you can read up the context and importance of these coins in the panel provided. It’s really wonderful!
  • Today in History: Do you know which historical event had taken place exactly on this day? Was it the birth or death of some renowned personality? Today in History allows you to browse through 1,00,000 historical events. The information is conveyed in a simple language and is user friendly. Just choose any day or month of the year, to know its historical significance. You get a detailed list of all important births, holidays and deaths. All the information here has been sourced from Wikipedia.
  • Timeline WW2 with Dan Snow: Now, the Second World War need not be tough anymore. Not with Timeline WW2 with Dan Snow. I agree with it would not be enough to study for your exams. But it certainly simplifies the basic concepts of World War II. Every event of this war has been classified by date and you can view them with the help of a timeline. If you wish to learn how the war affected the regions, just choose a ‘map view’. There are lots of photos and videos as well.


Teachers can motivate students to learn History, and even enjoy doing so if they employ these apps. You can easily download them in your iPads or iPhones. And learn even as you travel. They are equipped with a generous quantity of videos and images, to make History more interactive for you. Why not install them on your device today, friends? They can act as your reference study material, as you prepare your notes. Or, it can even make you love History. Try them out right now.


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