Top Online Data Science Courses

Top Online Data Science Courses

Technology has revolutionized the concept of development and scientific temper throughout the world. Just imagine the plight of such a large amount of data on the planet, in the absence of information technology. I agree we always had statistics, but is it indeed enough? Of course, it isn’t. Otherwise, nobody would be crazy to learn the technology of data science in the twenty-first century.

But why is data science so important? It is simply due to the fact that we need to interpret the large quantity of data available. Since the amount of data is huge, there has to be some skilled professionals who can analyze it accurately. And, implement it for decision making that’s a crucial part of any business undertaking.

The requirement of experts in this field has have escalated the demand for data science jobs nowadays. So, now there is another lucrative career on the list of lawyers, doctors and engineers: the job of a data scientist. Why not acquire education in the discipline of data science and earn an enviable salary? Let me share some of the top online data science courses with you in the following paragraphs:

  • Machine Learning: Join this course offered by Coursera if you are aiming to get introduced to the nitty gritties of the processes of machine learning. For studying this course, you require some basic skills including knowledge in coding, octave, statistics, logic, probability and basic algebra. This course can teach you web search, recognize speech as well as operate self-driving cars. The topics that you have to study in machine learning course consist of media informatics, developing robots, understanding text, unsupervised learning and so on.
  • Maps and the Geospacial Revolution: Some of you might be keen to design maps and analyze them. The free online course known as ‘Maps and the Geospacial Revolution’ would be the best for you. This course has enabled the development of certain exciting maps, GPS-activated mobiles and other tools of GPS. You can learn how to create spacial data and manage this data with the aid of new technologies. The course also educates students on the techniques of discovering solutions of some geographical issues for spacial analysis.
  • Passion Driven Statistics: The best part about this course is that you can easily be granted access to a software referred to as ‘Statistical Analysis Software’. If you have learnt about statistics, you can use SAS to apply your knowledge in this field. Passion Driven Statistics would help you receive the solution to a particular question by conducting a thorough research on data existing on the subject. Some of the topics included in this special course involve research findings, developing data to be analyzed, etc.
  • Compilers: Compilers is an exclusive data science course conducted online, by the Stanford University. I would suggest you be a part of this course if you want to know the application of the compilers of different programming languages. In other words, the course teaches you the technique of translating HLL (high level language) into LLL (low level language) that can be easily understood by machines. The lectures would be delivered in videos. The course in complete with quizzes, study materials and two exams.
  • Statistics: San Jose University offers an interesting online course on data science, known as ‘Statistics’, supported by Udacity. Students can derive a basic idea about statistics or obtain an introduction on the subject if they enroll into this course. The course instructors ensure that every concept becomes clear to you. This is done through several quizzes as well as homework assignments that examine your understanding levels and clarity in statistics. Some of the topics of this course are correlation, t-tests, ANOVA, z- tests and much more.
  • Web Intelligence and Big Data: Some data science students are curious to know about various web intelligence applications. These applications are developed with the help of mobile devices, social media as well as some sensors. You must opt for the course ‘Web Intelligence and Big Data’ to learn about such things. This online course used be provided by the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi a few years ago. You must be familiar with matrices, SQL, basic programming, statistics and probability amongst other concepts before you join this course.
  • Computational Methods for Data Analysis: You can choose the Computational Methods for Data Analysis course that is another important one. This course deals with different techniques of data analysis that is used in biological sciences and engineering. You must be knowledgeable in the topics like MATLAB, PDEs and also ODEs, if you are aiming to be a part of this online course. You have to learn about the fields including image processing, spectral analysis, image compression, analysis of time series, filtering procedures and many other topics.
  • Introduction to Data Science: Introduction to Data Science educates you about the fundamentals of the subject, data science. Topics of the course comprise basic statistical modelling, data mining, learning about NoSQL and SQL data science solutions, big data management and much more. Students are required to be well acquainted with databases and programming languages if they wish to join this course. If you are an undergraduate student and wish to learn about analyzing data, you must join this course.

So, dear students, of your goal is to emerge into a famous data scientist, don’t miss out on these online courses. They are really interactive and interesting. Also, they are quite convenient for all kinds of learners. Using video lectures, you can rewind the parts of the lessons you did not grasp well and repeat the process till you finally succeed in understanding it. Remember, we do need data science to ease the decision making process and make business profitable.


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