Top Ten Educational Apps for Students

Top Ten Educational Apps for Students

Student life is extremely busy. They always need a balance between their personal, academic and social lives to avoid burn out. However, in today’s world, students are lucky enough to live in this digital age where different applications and software serve as an all-in-one resource in accomplishing multiple tasks. Earning a degree is challenging enough for students who have the facility of going to school full-time. But for online students, many of whom have work and family added to the mix, academic responsibility can be overwhelming.

Using productivity applications can make a students’ life easier and relaxed. Today’s blog post aims at listing the best productivity applications for students.

iWork Suite

This is one of the best productivity apps for Apple users. iWork Suite is used in creating essays, spreadsheets and presentation. Users can create documents as allowed by the pages and they can insert pictures, add hyperlinks to the texts and alter tablets. This app has similar features to Microsoft Office Suite, where numbers are similar to Microsoft Excel and Keynote serves as the presentation creator. iWork Suite is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


Evernote is considered as one of the best note-taking apps and is compatible with almost every Smartphone and computer. This is especially helpful for online students to take and organize their notes, track due dates and share documents with their group members. The app also allows you to seize photographs and record voice memos stored in its Cloud service.


With Feedly, you can stay on top of all the news in one application. Most importantly, this app is customizable and allows you pick and choose whatever you want to read via subject and accordingly organize it. Feedly works by linking up with RSS feeds from the web and putting them into a magazine layout which can be received in all devices.


No more bundles of notebooks, posters and cards. Examtime app is the digital device for all your revision notes. The app integrates features like quizzes and notes, mind-maps and Flashcard which can be used to input things you want to try and remember. The greatest feature of Examtime is its ability to let you make your own revision timetable and allow access to practice papers. You can access the app from anywhere provided you have connection and can easily share with your friends for group studying or project work.


If you want to save articles, notes or videos for later reading or viewing, Pocket is the most suitable app for you. It is available for iOS, Android and PCs. The app has one similar feature to Evernote where it sync files across all the devices at once. Moreover, it can also save articles and web pages for offline reading.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework app can be your best educational companion. It provides a calendar where you can mark your appointments, assignment deadlines and examination dates. There is also a Homework section for your projects and assignments. In addition, the app also enables you to encode your class schedules and grades to track your progress. As a digital helper, it helps you to organize and be aware of your upcoming class schedules and deadlines.


Online students, in particular, not only have to struggle with their time management challenges, but also have to focus on how their peers are doing in group projects. In this respect, Smartsheet allows you to create task lists and assign deadlines to share with remote team members.

Productivity apps for students with learning disabilities

Children who struggle with reading and speech can benefit from educational apps that make communication much easier:

Tapo Talk

Tapo Talk, an augmentative and alternative communication app (AAC) comes with 2,600 images. The non-verbal children can simply choose images instead of word to communicate. The app can also be customized to include your own images. There is another option called, AAC Speech Buddy that includes more than 2000 images and customized speech sets.

Scholastic Reading Timer

A child with ADHD problem finds it difficult to focus read and complete certain tasks. Scholastic Reading Timer helps to measure how long children have been reading and also keeps a log to check it later. The timer can also be used by children to track other tasks such as cleaning rooms.

Cool Reader

Reading is a challenge for children with dyslexia. However, Cool Reader app can help these children enjoy books and supports documents from a variety of different formats. In addition, Talk Text allows children speak over the phone so that their speech can be easily translated into text.


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