Top Tips to Score Well in Math

Top Tips to Score Well in Math

With a palpitating heart, Benz waited for his Math teacher to disclose his Math grades. His father had threatened to ban him from playing tennis (his favorite game) if he failed to score decently in this seemingly ‘terrifying’ subject! Somehow, this twelve-year-old lad never seemed to get along with Math. He scored an 80 in English, 92 in Geography – but his Math scores always crashed down to a mere 50.

How many of you can relate to this young boy’s ‘Mathematical distress’? I bet, a large percentage of students undergo a similar agony. Either it’s Arithmetic, or Geometry that plays spoilsport as you make numerous attempts to solve a sum accurately. This creates a hatred or fear complex against Math, amongst most learners. Now, how can you expect a subject to love you back if you treat it with scorn?

As a child, I often used to wonder how some of my classmates secured a 98 in Math, or even full marks! Can’t wait to know the secret, friends? Any guesses, any of you? Okay. Here it is: even you can be a top performer in Math if you develop an intuition for Math. Believe it or not, this subject actually gives you chances to score brilliant grades. Read on to explore the top tips to score well in Math:

  • Attend classes: Beware! Compared to other subjects, Math is trickier. You must be thorough with every step before proceeding over to the next and finally arriving to the final answer. So, it’s a step-by-step process. You miss a single step, and you are miles away from its solution. This is true for all kinds of problems, particularly Calculus. Students must attend their Math classes regularly to build, strengthen and clarify every concept. Therefore, resist the temptation to bunk your Math classes or tutorials.
  • Always participate: Stop dozing away in your Math classes and pay attention. Why not choose a front-row seat rather than being a back-bencher? Sitting in a front seat assures you higher levels of concentration and alertness. Now, try to follow how a particular formula is being implemented in a problem and why. If you are unable to deduce a step, raise your hand and ask the teacher.Teachers can motivate students to succeed only when they are aware of the weaknesses of pupils.
  • Never ignore homework: Have you been assigned fifty problems today, as your homework? Do not fret. Secondly, don’t find excuses to skip those problems. For Math is a subject that requires a lot of practice and perseverance. Your assignments would help detect your problem-areas and inspire you to work on them. Repeating certain types of sums can also help you master their formulas faster. As you navigate through the problems, you can measure your improvement in certain types of sums or their steps.
  • Keep asking: A golden rule to excel in Math is: never suppress your questions or doubts! So, next time you are stuck somewhere in a problem related to Probability or Quadratic Equation, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher. Trust me friends, there is no room for embarrassment in asking a question to the teacher in front of your peers. Approach your instructor with your queries. And, keep asking questions till you are capable of grasping the problem or a particular step completely.

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  • Revise before exams: Many students ask me, “Does last-minute cramming help?” Well, to be frank, ‘cramming’ is not a good idea before your Math exam. I would rather suggest you review your Math lessons if you have an exam knocking on your door the following day. Go through important formulas, solve mock test papers and sit down with your graph-book. You might have attended classes and practiced well. But, how do you test yourself? Or, know that you’re ready? It’s only possible if you revise.
  • De-stress yourself: Relaxation is directly proportional to your ability to recollect your formulas and apply them appropriately in Math problems. So, enjoy a good night’s sleep before you appear for a test. You would find that you are able to use the mental Math tricks you know, once you feel refreshed thanks to an adequate rest. Glance at your formulas before retiring to bed, the night before your exam. And, avoid pouring into your books for an entire night just before an exam.
  • Manage time smartly: The best Math scorers are efficient time managers especially during their Math exams. As soon as they receive the question paper, they go through it. Now, they know the number of questions included in their papers and their type that enables them to calculate the time-limit for each. Another important tip is to move on to the next question, if you are stuck in a particular problem. In addition, remember not to rush through your paper. Instead, focus on every question.
  • Be neat: Some students submit really messy answer sheets after they are done writing their papers. Dear students, this mistake can cost you a fair amount of marks. Check the tendency to scratch your sums repeatedly. However, if you do need to do it, just make a single scratch across the step with your pen. If you’re using a pencil, try not to use an eraser more than once, especially in Geometrical problems. It imparts an untidy appearance to your answer sheet.
  • Revise your paper: Can’t wait to hand over your finished answer sheet to the invigilator? Wait! Are you sure you answered every question? And, are all your solutions appropriate to the best of your knowledge? Its better you revise your answer sheet than regret your miserable scores later. What is the hurry friends? Once you complete solving the question paper, go through each problem. Look for careless errors, untidy answers or wrong numbering of your answers. Devote more time to a problem where you were stuck.

Math can be fun and easy, if you are smart enough to challenge it! Just apply the ideas I just mentioned and say hello to a perfect Math grade today. If others can, so can you my friends. If you give your best, you can truly be rewarded with the best grades. Do you know about a few more tips that promises to usher in great Math grades? Why not share them with us in the comment section provided below?

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