Top Universities in Kuwait

Top Universities in Kuwait

Do you know which is one of the most significant Gulf countries that’s an immense contributor to the society in terms of education? Can you make a guess, friends? Okay. It is Kuwait, an important state of the Arab world. Kuwait is home to several schools, colleges and universities, making it a renowned educational destination.

Every year, the universities of Kuwait receive numerable applications from students belonging to different nations. However, this region is known to attract the maximum number of students from GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). As much as approximately 15,897 students of GCC countries like UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait are a part of the universities in Kuwait.

So naturally, these universities of Kuwait are quite reputable and offer courses in a large variety of subjects. You would come across fourteen private and only one public university in the state of Kuwait. You must study for four years if you wish to earn an undergraduate degree from any of the universities of Kuwait. Now, courses like Medicine or Engineering require a minimum of five years, extending up to seven years.

Let us take a look at the top universities in Kuwait:

  • Kuwait University
  • Kuwait Maastricht Business School
  • Australian College of Kuwait
  • Arab Open University
  • American University of Kuwait
  • American University of the Middle East
  • Gulf University for Science and Technology

Kuwait University: This institution is the oldest university of Kuwait to offer research and higher education facilities to students. Established during 1966, Kuwait University also provides scholarships to pupils from non-Arab as well as Arabic nations. However, you must be eligible for these scholarships and meet the requirements of the admission criteria of this university. Along with the College of Graduate Studies, there are sixteen departments of the institute including Business Administration, Architecture, Arts, Education, Science, Public Health, Social Sciences, Sharia and Islamic Studies and much more.

Kuwait UniversityPhoto by : News.kuwaittimes

Kuwait Maastricht Business School: This institute had been established in 2003 and is the Kuwait department of the Maastricht School of Management or MSM based in Netherlands. Kuwait Maastricht Business School is the only business school of the state of Kuwait that bears an international affiliation. It is a private university in Kuwait. Here you can study MBA. This university is also accredited by the organization called ‘Association of MBAs’. The MBA degree offered by the university is acknowledged and respected throughout the world.

Kuwait Maastricht Business SchoolPhoto by : Q8path

Australian College of Kuwait: Australian College of Kuwait is referred to as one of the most notable higher education institutions of Kuwait that contributes significantly to the local job market. Also known as ACK, this university had been established in the year 2004. Apart from offering academic education to students, the institute also conducts research programs for empowering the society. The different academic divisions of this universities include School of Aviation, School of Business, School of Engineering and a special course called ‘Foundation Skills Program’. It is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education.

Australian College of KuwaitPhoto by : Trojb

Arab Open University: Set up in 2002, Arab Open University is a non-profit organization that bears an affiliation with UKOU, also known as UK Open University. You would find various campuses of this university spread across Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait. There are three main academic courses that are offered jointly with UKOU. Besides, you can also obtain certifications if you join this institution. The certifications comprise B.Sc. in Computing with Business, B.Sc. in Computing, etc. in IT department, B.A. in Business Studies on Accounting, etc. in Business department, B.A. in English Language and Literature, etc. in English department, B.A. in Elementary Education in Education department and others.

Arab Open UniversityPhoto by : Al-fanarmedia

American University of Kuwait: Located in the city of Kuwait, in the Kuwait state, American University of Kuwait is an important private university of this part of the world. Dartmouth College that is situated in New Hampshire, US, is its sister college. B.A. in International Studies, B.B.A. in Economics, B.A. in Graphic Design, B.B.A. in Accounting, B.B.A in Human Resource Management, B.E. in Computer Engineering, B.B.A. in Human Resource Management, B.E. in Electrical Engineering, B.A. in Communication and Media Studies, B.B.A. in Finance, B.S. in Information Systems, B.B.A. in Marketing and so on.

American University of KuwaitPhoto by : Wikimapia

American University of the Middle East: American University of the Middle East, also known as AUM is one of the leading universities of Kuwait. Here, you can study undergraduate degree programs in the fields of Engineering and Technology, and also Business Administration. The graduate program includes a course on MBA or Masters in Business Administration. But, apart from these courses, this university also provides an exclusive pre-college course entitled ‘EPP’ or ‘English Preparatory Program’. The program prepares students for the bachelor’s degree programs by educating them about the English language.

American University of the Middle EastPhoto by : Alamiahco

Gulf University for Science and Technology: This academic organization is a private university in Kuwait. Gulf University for Science and Technology is the very first private university to be set up in Kuwait. It consists of two main educational departments: College of Business Administration and the College of Arts and Sciences. You can study some undergraduate courses in the first department. Now, the five components of the second department are Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of English, Department of Mass Communication and Multimedia and Department of Computer Science.

Gulf University for Science and TechnologyPhoto by : Openbuildings

These are some of the most distinguished universities one can find in the region of Kuwait. They boast of experienced faculty members and interesting techniques of imparting education. Therefore, students really have multiple academic options when it comes to pursuing their higher education in this country. So, evaluate these options carefully and go for the one that best meets your educational aims!


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