Top ways to help you Win Debates

Top ways to help you Win Debates

Presenting your view, defending it and opposing the view of others is thrilling, isn’t it? A clash of ideas and opinions is something that imparts an element of interest to debates, right dear debate-lovers? Now, let me ask you something, when was the last time you tasted victory in a debate contest? Friends, I expect an honest feedback, please.

As a school-girl, I often witnessed inter-school debate competitions that were held in our school. The participants were classified into groups and given a topic. Next, the debaters of each school had to speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ a particular notion. I remember, once the judges asked them to argue on whether ‘exams must be banned in schools.’ Both teams continued their counter attacks and the debate continued for almost one hour against the scheduled duration of just 30 minutes!

And, what’s more, the debate competition ended in a tie. Disappointment was all I could feel. For I had expected my school’s debate team to defeat their opponents from another school in the city. Anyhow, this proves that winning debates is quite a challenge, though it might be exciting to participate in them. So continue reading to learn about the top ways that can enable you to win debates:

  • Persuade: Being convincing is one of the best ways to excel in a debate. Find a unique way to persuade the jury that your view or ‘motion’ is the most practical one. Just try to prove that the view proposed by your opponent fails to act as a solution to the problem. In addition, you must go on to prove that the proposed motion makes the problem more complicated rather than solving it. And remember, the sooner you do it, the better it would be for you.
  • Introduce something new: It is always a wise idea to offer something new in a debating session. This is especially true if you happen to be the third speaker. This makes you grab the attention of your audience and retain it as well. However, you are not permitted to usher in new arguments, though you might oppose or defend your views from different perspectives. Another smart tip here is to employ strong language, though I suggest you use it cautiously. It is often observed to make the opposition anxious.
  • Offer your POI on time: Wondering what is the POI? Well, POI implies ‘point of information’. The rule says that you are eligible to come up with a new POI immediately after the first minute of a certain speech. And, you can also offer it prior to the third minute of any opinion presented. Note that fifteen seconds is the maximum time within which you can present your POI. You must also bear in mind that your point of information must be a question whose answer can be used to your advantage.
  • Never accept too many POIs: When you are debating, it is completely up to you, if you would reject or accept a given POI. Did you know that you must not accept more than two points of information in a speech continuing for four minutes? The rule is that you have to accept a minimum of one POI during a four-minute speech. However, there is another golden rule about POIs. Listen to this carefully friends. Always accept a POI only after presenting your own argument in a debate.
  • React to objections: Now, react rationally to the objections raised by your opponent. But you can only react logically and firmly to your opponent’s response when you are confident about your own observation. For this reason, you must be well-aware of your points of information as well as the statements you use to oppose your opponent or defend yourself. Use intelligent view to prove that the objections are totally baseless. You can point out an authentic flaw in the objection put forward to you by your opponent.
  • Solve every point: Every point raised in a debate must be resolved, before you proceed on to the next. Or else, you would find the same points moving back and forth during the arguments. And you would have to waste precious time by confronting the same issue again and again. And, this would delay the debate contest unnecessarily. So, always make sure you try to solve them. I know this is easier said than done especially when two people are arguing but then it is important you do it.
  • Use appropriate grammar: Another important rule debaters must follow is to use appropriate grammar and speech. When I say that, of course I don’t mean that you must be an expert in English. However just ensure that you don’t stumble against words in your sentences and think before you speak. Avoid using redundant words or jargons. In addition, make an attempt to employ powerful yet simply words that are enough to convince the jury and threaten your opponent. The shorter your sentences are, the more chances for you win the debate.
  • Be calm: Last but certainly not the least, try your best to remain calm and composed while the debate goes on. I agree that discussions often take ugly turns and tend to become aggressive. Your opponent might not be able to understand your statements or POIs. But, never ever display your agitated mood in a debate. Do everything to control your anger or irritation as this might lead to you even getting disqualified. For this reason, school debates go a long way in making students smarter.

Hope these tips would come to your rescue during your next debating contest, friends. Just utilize them and wait and watch out! I am pretty sure that if you take my advice seriously, none can stop you from impressing your jury with your extraordinary style of debating and consequently emerging as the undisputed winner. So, all the best, friends. Go, rock every kind of debate in your life!


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