Top Websites for GCSE Preparation

Top Websites for GCSE Preparation

Modern technology is a friend, indeed. It has facilitated learning and networking to a great extent, thanks to numerous online resources. Today, leafing through the pages of numerous books in a library is not the only option available to students. Or even, purchasing expensive books or other study materials. Yes, even today you do require tutorial sessions for competitive exams.

But, the truth is that you are not solely dependent on them. For now you are blessed with an additional resource: the Internet. You just need to type in some keywords in any search engine. And immediately, you are redirected to a vast number of websites related to your subject. Surf the Internet for e-books, mock test papers, exam syllabus and other essential details – and in no time you get them all, at a click of your mouse.

No wonder, nowadays even teenaged students are turning to information technology for help. So if you are preparing for the GCSE or General Certificate of Secondary Education, taking aid of the Internet can be a good idea for you. Lots of websites are available that can guide you for this exam. And, enable you to revise thoroughly. Let us take a glance at some of the top websites for GCSE preparation:

  • My-GCSE Science: Some of you might be studying subjects like Physics, AQA Core Science, Chemistry, Additional Science and Biology for GCSE. My-GCSE Science would help you build your knowledge in these subjects. You will find revision materials at the end of each video present in this website. New videos are also added every week. These videos goes a great job explaining the concepts of the above subjects. You can rewind them as many times you like, if you are stuck somewhere, that is impossible in a live lecture. It also contains mock test papers.
  • GCSE Bitesize: Want to groom yourself perfectly for GCSE? Then, try the website, GCSE Bitesize. Here, you would come across interactive events and important model questions that prepare you well for exams. Some video clips as well as study guides associated to GCSE exam found here are truly helpful. You can revise all subjects particularly Physics, Biology and Chemistry, if you use this website. The website is equipped with every kind of academic resource required for clearing the GCSE, based on specifications like Edexcel, CCEA, AQA, WBJEC as well as OCR.
  • S-cool: S-cool aids you in studying, memorizing and also revising your lessons, thereby making you confident for your GCSE. It boasts of a large question bank that consists of several model test papers. You can practice answering various types of exam-related questions here. There are lots of multiple choice questions that help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Unless you are aware of your own abilities you are not really ready for your GCSE exam. Questions on a large number of subjects including Math, English, Biology, Physics, Food Technology, etc. are present here.
  • Khan Academy: I bet most of you must already have knowledge about the website about which I am just going to tell you now. I’m talking about Khan Academy It’s one of the best and most reliable online resources, if you are studying for any significant exam. Did you know that there are more than 3,100 videos on various topics in this website? Don’t believe me? Just check it out for once! There are plenty of interactive video tutorials on many GCSE subjects, especially Physics and Arithmetic. So, emerge stronger at all your subjects with this website.
  • TES – Socrative Science: Completed your syllabus of the GCSE exam? Are you sure you are familiar with all the topics and ideas included in your curriculum? Why not try a unique website known as TES – Socrative Science? It consists of a wide variety of interesting quizzes that can guide you as you prepare for your GCSE exam. Apart from quizzes, you can also find some short answer questions that form an important part of your exam preparation. You can be exposed to several exclusive questions in these quizzes that might present some probable questions.
  • O2 Learn: O2 Learn is yet another crucial website that makes sure you score brilliant grades in your GCSE. That is because here, you can find a number of interactive videos on many topics belonging to Science. For instance, students who are studying subjects like Chemistry, Biology or Physics can easily use this wonderful website. In this website, you can search for any video you require by typing your level and also your topic. The more you revise, the higher the chances of achieving better grades in your GCSE. So, keep on practicing.
  • TES – Games for Grades: Are you revising your lessons before you finally put your pen to paper in the exam hall, on the final exam day of the GCSE? I would suggest for visit the website TES – Games for Grades before you do so. For this online resource is popular amongst innumerable GCSE examinees for its exciting revision games and events based on TES Science. Don’t forget to use it whenever you are revising for GCSE. The website boasts of various important topics and subjects. What’s more, you can even add some changes to the games and personalize them!


Log on to your Internet connection today, and check out each and every website I have mentioned. Identify the ones that best meets your academic goals. And, solve the mock test papers. Play the revision games in the websites. Wishing you best of luck for your GCSE friends, happy studying!


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