Top Websites for Learning English as a Second Language

Top Websites for Learning English as a Second Language

There is a great need today for people who can speak and understand multiple languages. This need is largely attributed to the increasing globalization. Multiple languages are needed in areas such as tourism, trade, technology, media, science and international relations. Many countries teach at least one foreign language in their schools, but there are some (the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia etc.) who use a second language, most especially, the English language.

There are many websites out there that are teaching English, as a second language (ESL) to those who want to learn. Listed below are some of the best sites that offer a wide range of resources to help students in their study of the English language.

1. English Media Lab - has listening experiences to offer, crossword puzzles, interactive quizzes and other resources that are targeted to people who want to speak and write English. The site engages all ages and levels of learners.

2. My Language Exchange - allows you to speak or communicate via text chat with a native English speaker. You will exchange language lessons with each other, like she will be learning your native language and you also get to learn English. This will allow you to master conversing with someone, who speaks English as his or her first language.

3. ESL Gold is offering free resources in the thousands, including useful information for teachers and students. All the teaching materials are organized according to a person’s skill level. You will learn to use phrases for conversations by talking to someone in English and also discuss topics and reading materials that are both interesting and useful. You can also watch videos, listen to podcasts, read an article and learn strategies; also learn English grammar, vocabulary and write in English.

4. English Club help you teach and learn English. They offer nearly everything from lessons for beginners to jobs for teachers; fun pages on games, quizzes to test your English, videos and chats. The lessons include English listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Business English is also taught to individuals, who would like to work at hotels, airlines, police, hospitals and tourism.

5. as a 2nd language an extensive ESL site. Its lessons are grouped according to skill levels for easy access. There are lessons for beginning, intermediate and advance. There are also special pages that are geared towards the ESL teachers. Additionally, many articles are available that focus on improving listening skills, pronunciation and vocabulary development.

6. ESL Partyland is a site that emphasizes on practice, practice and practice. You will have to speak, read and listen to English more and more to make learning easier for you. The online lessons are at the learning pages, which are designed to offer the English language that is topic-based. You take a quiz if you want to know that you have learned well. The site currently has 75 interactive quizzes from which you can select. They also have books and resources that will help you learn English fast.

Of all the languages used by foreign speaking people, English is the most common. Throughout the world, in the workforce, when they group together, English is the language that is used to communicate. Many people are learning English as their second language, as there are benefits to being bilingual. You can easily get employed in an English speaking country, you can get a better position and eventually a better salary. You get the best chances and opportunities to have a good future.

Just select the best site that offers English as a second language course. Look at the list above and make further research.


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