Top Websites for Learning Spanish

Top Websites for Learning Spanish

Is your Spanish restricted to 'mi casa su casa'? Then your chances of a soaring employability is, I'm afraid, quite bleak. Also, you are losing out on a possibility of communicating with a good 500 million people of the world. However, the wonderful thing about learning Spanish is that it is never too late to start.

Nowadays, learning languages have turned into this upbeat and lively experience adding to a fair shot at enhancing the chances of landing a good job. Add to that, an improved problem-solving skill, memory and mental sharpness. Let's take a short trip of websites to help in learning Spanish.


This podcast is all about providing listeners and subscribers with fun lessons for learning Spanish. Once you subscribe, you can download lessons to your computer or mp3 player to begin with your lessons. This TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner website has an amazing number of lessons for all skill levels (newbie, beginner intermediate and advanced). Science fiction in Spanish, books, TV and movies in Spanish are a few interesting topics this website offers. Tons of lessons housed in the library of podcasts, tests which can be taken at any time, easy-to-use dashboard, personal counselors make it way more interesting.


This website is a dream come true for a Spanish language learner. This website is constantly being updated to help users experience a better experience with each update. The appeal of Livemocha lies in its community of learners and teachers, who enable a free flow of knowledge to make Spanish learning more interactive and engaging. This award winning website covers the bases of learning Spanish, like reading, writing, speaking and assessment with exceptional ease. Get your Spanish polished with feedback from the native speakers and watch your Spanish skills soar.

Web Spanish

Web Spanish is owned by the El Sol Spanish School located in Lima, Peru. Therefore, rest assured, your Spanish learning will be in good hands. This website uses multimedia, file sharing, forums, and messaging facilities to help student learn and master the Spanish language. Skype, podcasts and videos have been put to good use to ensure that students can learn specialized types of vocabulary. In addition to that, this website offers a forum for students to collaborate, share experiences and help each other out in learning the language.

Living Language

Living Language is a language program that offers provisions for online courses, apps, live courses and more for learning languages. The Language Lab of Living Language allows students to learn Spanish through games, quizzes, flashcards, audio excerpts and more. The best thing about Living Language is that learners are taught to speak off-script, instead of memorizing vocabulary.


NuLengua hosts native Spanish speakers as tutors, who are certified in teaching Spanish. The learning approach followed by NuLengua is an immersion type. What more, the curriculum is not predetermined, learners and teachers can decide to skip parts of the lesson. In other words, a student has complete control over the lesson. Students can also request for tutors according to their preference. Learners are guaranteed to become fluent in the language after completing this course.

Learn Spanish

This website greets learners with a thousand pages of free learning material. Learn Spanish has study materials for anyone who wants to learn Spanish, whether you are a beginner or an inter5mediate learner. In addition to that, this site also includes free Spanish tutorial, podcasts, everyday lessons for learners, verb drills, word of the day and much more.


Babbel delivers online language courses, both on its website and app. Each lesson comprises new vocabulary words, dialogues, grammar instructions and of course, reviewing and drilling whatever you have learnt. The lessons are organized and takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. This website allows for explanations, exercises, quizzes, review sessions and also a numerical grading system for every learner after each lesson.

Spanish Language Exercises

This website is an Ursinus College provides exercises to polish your Spanish language skills. The exercises are primarily of two types, which include a self-check and an instructor-check provision. For the self-check options, learners will be provided with instant answers right after solving a question. The exercises provided in the website are multiple choice ones. Reviewing your Spanish is now quite easy with Spanish Language Exercise.

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish is a free podcast by Radio Lingua Network for learning Spanish. It caters to all level of learners, be it a beginner or an advanced. Learners will be accompanied by experienced Spanish teachers throughout the Coffee Break experience. Coffee Break Spanish will also help in mastering grammar quickly in addition to learning Spanish greetings, and acquiring conversational skills. Your progress will be evident once you start with the learning process.

Which website do you think will be the most beneficial for your Spanish learning venture? Let us know in the comments section.


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