7 Proven, Tried and Tested Ways to Promote Student Engagement

7 Proven, Tried and Tested Ways to Promote Student Engagement

Promoting student engagement is the key to creating a fruitful learning environment. But how can you create this constructive and engaging learning environment in your school or institute in the best possible way? We’ll see to that in this article.

In this article, we have discussed 10 proven, tried and tested ways to promote class engagements. Let’s take a peek at them without further ado.

1. An emotionally safe classroom is the first step to creating an engaging learning environment

Students who are belittled or shamed by teachers in classes for any sort of incompetence might not engage well in challenging tasks. This is definitely not what you want. Remember ignorance isn’t a sin. Abusing and belittling ignorance is.

Consider implementing some sort of a rule in your class like “we never ever let anybody down.” The same rule should be applicable to you as well. You need to make students realize that mistakes

Small things like that can definitely increase your engagement rate and create a healthy learning environment that can go a long way indeed.

2. Asking open ended questions

Open ended questions can greatly improve the rate of engagement in classes.

Ask questions that can have multiple solutions. These questions can promote critical thinking in students; something that can greatly improve the rate of engagement in students.

Make these questions in classes and encourage your students to come to a logical solution. DO NOT belittle ANY answer however illogical it might appear to be. Remember participation’s your goal. Belittling answers will never fulfill that purpose of yours for sure.

3. Engage yourself as well

You just can’t expect each and every student of yours to participate without your participation; can you?

You need to involve yourself as well. You need to get down to their level and engage with them in the conversation. Things like that can definitely bring the odds in your favor as far as student engagement is concerned.

4. Take it beyond your classroom

Sometimes it becomes necessary for you to take your lessons beyond the classroom.

This helps to revitalize the subject matter and also breathes a new life in it. Now those are the things you need to ignite a sense of inquisitiveness in kids which, in turn can directly affects the rate of engagements in kids. If that is not positive, don’t know what is.

Blogging is another thing that teachers should get into for the benefits of themselves and the students in general. This is where teachers/tutors are able to create a learning community beyond their classrooms (on the internet). Members will be able to interact with each other on the very same platform and learn something new every day.

Now that’s what I call constructive learning; something that can benefit the entire community as a whole.

5. Using technology like apps and games to promote student engagements

Technology can really be an ace in the hole for you as far as promotion of student engagements is concerned.

You can use educational videos, apps and even games to encourage participation in students. The entire learning experience becomes enlightening, gratifying and overwhelming once you start incorporating technology in your lessons.

Constructive learning environment you wanted; constructive learning environment you’ll get. Is there anything more you want?

6. Use real life examples to your advantage

Many students fail to connect a subject to that of their real life because of the seemingly abstract nature of the subject. Thus, students lose their interest over time and they study lessons just for the sake of it.

This is where you can come in to make your lessons more entertaining and more gratifying by connecting then with the real life. Use relevant examples from your daily life to make the matter more meaningful to the students. This is something that can raise the rate of engagements for sure.

7. Last but not the least, stay positive in front of your students

Positivity is infectious and it can go a long way indeed. So always be a “yes man” or a “yes woman” in front of your students. Tell them that failure doesn’t signify incompetence. It signifies attempts that can turn their goals into reality with a bit more practice and time.

Such positivity can definitely bring the best out of your students in no time.

So that’s it then. Hope you find these tips handy for your purpose. Good luck!


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