The Five Types of Undergraduate Scholarship Programmes

The Five Types of Undergraduate Scholarship Programmes

There are many scholarships programmes available in Singapore for undergraduates, post graduates and research scholars. These scholarships are offered by many bodies, such as the Singapore Government, private companies, universities, non-profit organisations and foundations.

In this article, I will share with you five types of undergraduate scholarship programmes that are available in Singapore for you to choose from.

1. The Singapore Government Scholarship

The Singapore Scholarship is an annual government scholarship that is offered to the students from the Asean countries, such as Malaysia, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, The Philippines, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

This scholarship is awarded based on academic merits and exceptional extracurricular achievements. It is also considers the student’s English communication skills as well as personal characters.

It comes with no bond or loan, but is expected for the scholars to return to their countries and contribute to the economy and social development of their homeland.

The scholarship is offered to ASEAN students who will be furthering their studies in National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University or Singapore Management University.

The Singapore Government Scholarship covers various aspects of the student’s academic and general needs, such as:

  • A full coverage of tuition fees
  • A generous living allowances
  • An accommodation fees
  • Two flight tickets

The application for this government-funded scholarship is normally opened in March for Brunei and Malaysia and in November for other ASEAN countries.

2. The Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS)

The Singapore-Industry Scholarship is a collaboration effort between the Singapore Government and private enterprises of the corporate industry. This scholarship is one of Singapore Government’s many plans in training and producing talented individuals who are expected to work and contribute in several key sectors in Singapore.

SgIS is only offered to Singapore citizens who are joining a full-time undergraduate programme in the recognized local and overseas universities, such as:

  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore Management University
  • Newcastle University
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Glasgow

Students who are taking this scholarship will be tied to a three-year bond with the partnering enterprises and will have to work in the chosen sector in Singapore after graduation.

The scholarship offers several benefits, such as:

  • A full coverage of tuition fees and other relevant academic charges
  • Living and academic allowances
  • Hostel allowances
  • Overseas programmes sponsorships

The period of application for the Singapore-Industry Scholarship is between January and April every year.

3. Scholarships offered by universities

Apart from the two scholarship programmes mentioned above, you may also consider the scholarship programmes offered by several universities in Singapore for their prospective students.

These top universities in Singapore offer a number of scholarship and award programmes to acknowledge and admit outstanding local and international students into their schools. Other than academic achievement, they are also recognizing excellent performance in sports as well as in volunteering and community works.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Some of the scholarship programmes offered in NUS are:

  • The NUS Freshmen Scholarships – For Singaporeans only
  • ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship (AUS) – For ASEAN citizens only
  • Science and Technology Undergraduate Scholarship – For Asian citizens only

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Some of the available scholarships programmes in NTU are:

  • Nanyang Scholarship – For any nationality
  • College Scholarship – For any nationality
  • ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship  – For ASEAN citizens only
  • The Khoo Teck Phuat Scholarship – For Singaporeans only

Singapore Management University (SMU)

SMU offers many scholarships to their students, such as:

  • The Lee Kong Chian Scholars Programmes – For any nationality
  • SMU Scholars Programmes – For any nationality
  • ASEAN Undergraduates Scholarship – For ASEAN citizens only
  • Bangkok Bank Scholarship – For Thais only
  • Li Ka Shing Endowed Scholarship – For China and Hong Kong citizens only

4. Scholarships offered by large and independent companies

In addition to the SgIS programme, there are also a number of large and independent companies that offer scholarships to excellent students to further their higher education in any of the universities in Singapore.

Some may come with several years of bond agreement and some may release the students after graduation. Here is the list of the companies that offer scholarships in Singapore:

  • DBS Group Holdings Ltd
  • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
  • Keppel Corporation Ltd.
  • KPMG Singapore
  • Microsoft Unlimited Potential Scholarship for People with Disabilities
  • PSA Corporation Ltd
  • Raffles Medical Group
  • Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

5. Scholarships offered by non-profit organization and foundations

Other than the conventional approach to scholarships, you may also choose scholarships that are being offered by the well-meaning, non-profit organization and independent foundations that are available in Singapore.

Below is the list of the scholarships that are offered by such organizations:

  • De Suantio Scholarship
  • Nol Lua Cheng Eng Memorial Scholarship
  • N R Thadani Scholarship
  • Dr Goh Keng Swee (GKS) Scholarship
  • Singapore Indian Education Trust
  • Tan Ah Tah – SAWL Scholarship For The Handicapped
  • Yayasan Mendaki ( Council for the Development of Singapore Malay/Muslim Community)

There are many options available when it comes to selecting a scholarship programme in Singapore. It is up to you to find the one that suits well with your current needs, academic criteria and after-university planning.


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