Unusual Courses that are Attracting Students Now

Unusual Courses that are Attracting Students Now

Choosing a career option in today’s day and time has become very challenging. Students and parents both realize that digitization has a big role in the evolution of career choices today. Owing to the demand for employees in an array of positions across different industry sectors, colleges and universities also have their work cut out.

Going by current trends, students are not very pleased to take the tried-and-tested route – subjects like Science and Technology, Engineering, and Management. No doubt, these courses are most popular even today. Yet, students and parents have become more attracted to enroll in courses which are not mainstream but have abundant opportunities.


  • Rural Studies: As a student if you have always been fascinated by the rural roots of India, and want to explore more than just a tourist, then this course is your dream come true. This course provides students with an opportunity and platform to learn and engage in rural development activities from ground-level up. The course covers topics such as child development, farm development, forestry, agriculture, ecosystem development, community development and much more. With a degree in hand, students can get employed in governmental, social and private organizations that work for rural concerns and development.

  • Ethical Hacking: Hacking is obviously one of the biggest security threats today. However, ethical hacking is a career path which falls on the other side of the moral line. If a student signs up for this course, they will learn all the know-how related to hacking, and they will earn their bread and butter by hacking. Ethical hacking is a skill-set which is useful to companies. As an ethical hacker, you will get the opportunity to keep tabs on cyber security pitfalls and dangers, and it will be your responsibility to design and provide suitable solutions and fixes to companies.

  • Food Technology: Are you someone who loves and relishes food? Do you find technicalities of food interesting? Well, if the answer to both questions is in positive, then perhaps your career path lies in food technology. This course opens doors to the world of food processing. During this course you will learn and acquaint yourself with the chemical, physical and microbiological aspects of food. You will study about food processing, preservation, packaging, and storage. The knowledge will help you gain expertise to design food quality improvement methods. If you pursue this subject after graduation, you can explore careers in research labs, food processing industries, hotels, food manufacturing industries etc.

  • Gardening Programme: If green is the color of your soul and spirit, and gardening is your favorite word and thing to do, then this course is right up your alley. Although short-term courses, this programme equips with knowledge and acumen about the different varieties and sub-varieties of plants and the most appropriate conditions for them.

  • Spa Management: The spa-industry has grown significantly in the last few years. Owing to how successful a field it is, it makes sense to teach about it academically. If spas are your favorite retreat and you would love to get involved in professional capacity, then sign up for a spa management course. There are specialized spa academies that have opened up.

  • Tea Tasting: Who doesn’t like to taste a good cup of tea? Well, a tea-taster certainly wouldn’t mind. There are more than just a handful places across the country where an aspiring tea-taster can learn all there is to know – in terms of knowledge and skill. With the right kind of opportunity, being a tea sommelier is a very rewarding job.

  • Pet Grooming: If pets are your favorite, then why not go in for a career which grooms you to groom them. Yes, you read right. Given how popular pet grooming has become as an industry, course makers brainstormed and developed a course curriculum that teaches you what it is and how it is done! This course is apt for any individual who is a pet lover and an animal enthusiast.

These courses are just the tip of an enormous iceberg. There is long lineup of interesting and out-of-the-box courses which are attracting students and parents. Some of the other popular unusual courses are:

  • Puppetry

  • Public Health Entomology

  • Photonics

  • Museology/ Museum Studies

  • Mountaineering

  • Habitat Policy and Practice

  • Gandhian Thoughts

  • Gerontology


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