Use of Technology in Kuwaiti Education

Use of Technology in Kuwaiti Education

Kuwait has rapidly become a modern country and welcomed technology gladly in every sphere. Banks, offices, hospitals, homes, shopping centers, schools, colleges, universities, business, etc. are influenced by technology to a great extent. The Ministry of Education in Kuwait has hold technology in high regard.

In Kuwait, technology was firstly carried out in the academic year of 1985-86 in 4 secondary schools for teaching courses in computer literacy. The current scenario says that the courses in the technological literacy are implemented in all the schools of Kuwait. The computer has been accepted as the technology tool of several courses in Kuwait.

  • A note about Microsoft Kuwait:

Microsoft Kuwait, as a long-term alliance of the Ministry of Education, has taken participation in the annual Kuwait Edutech Conference and Exhibition 2014 as the prestigious Diamond Sponsor and Educational Partner for the 5th consecutive year. Again, committed to expand the digital solution and foster technology in education, Microsoft Kuwait along with the 7 partners such as ITWORX, ZAK Solutions, LanguageNut, NetSupport, DELL, HP and SmartTech exhibited the present day education solutions and technology intermeshed towards aiding the educational development in the classrooms via the digital literacy at the grand event stalwart to the educational sector in Kuwait.

The General Manager of Microsoft Kuwait, DCharles Nahas stated that they are immensely committed to supporting the Kuwaiti government and Ministry of Education’s vision and they are proud to work together with them for developing the country’s educational sector. The mission is to provide each educator and child in the Kuwait state with unparallel educational experience through the utilization of technology as the supreme enabler. Microsoft Kuwait has concentrated on the creation of opportunities for the youth and making the educators able to play a crucial role ensuring that the digital natives turn into digital citizens.

For accomplishing the mission, the young people should be offered access to the robust foundation of skills that can be effectively utilized as the stepping stone to the prospective careers. The students are provided Office 365 for letting them access the latest version of Word, One Note, PowerPoint and Excel for the note-taking and organizational purposes and many other tasks. The learners can install it on up to 5 compatible PCs and Macs, five tablets and iPads. One can use it with OneDrive for the automatic device syncing and also obtain valuable skills on the most popular productivity software of the world.

The subscription of MS Office will continue till the students remain in school. Moreover, the pupils are allowed to use Office Online, a free online version of Office and can create, edit and share various documents with the classmates even if they don’t possess Office. The students can save the documents to OneDrive and work jointly in real time with complete file fidelity. They can save locally also and work offline in future with Office 365. They need a Microsoft account. It can be generated from the email address of the present school and university.

We can say that Microsoft has taken a holistic as well as the long-term approach for supporting the education. It also assists close work with the parents, governments, NGOs, educators and the students in Kuwait for reinforcing the access to technology that can boost the teaching quality and the learning experience for the students.

After the technological boom flourished Kuwait’s education, late Amir HIS Highness Sheikh Jaber-Al-Sabah on 24th August 1991 set the educational curriculum in the motion that was focused on modernizing the programs with the integration of technology via conscientious planning of the growth agenda.

  • It has led to the substantial development in the areas:

  • Educational quality

  • The growth of interaction between the teachers and students

  • The learners can pinpoint their core interests

  • The students can sharpen their skills

  • The multifarious curriculum act as remedies to the traditional flaws of the educational quality

  • Literacy rate has increased

Following the post-invasion era, Kuwait’s education has witnessed regeneration with the Ministry of education’s sight for gaining the expert services of the highly qualified educators along with the assurance of the required progress of the educational curriculum.

  • The factors that trigger the development of education are:

  • Curriculum

  • Teachers

  • Students

  • Ideology

  • Evaluation

The Ministry of Education is seriously taking all the aspects into prime consideration for achieving the highest quality of education.

Dr. Saud Al-Harbi, an undersecretary of Research and Curriculum of the Ministry of Education, told that the education is one of the essential principles of human rights. The educational boom led to the refinement of the compulsory education. He also acclaimed that the introduction of the mandatory education law has lessened the illiteracy rate. E-education and new programs will let the educational development to a progressive level.

Kuwait with the help of the government, ministry and other respected global organizations is protracting to deliver the technology in education as much as possible to boost the country’s literacy rate and the futuristic careers.


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