Useful Technical Skills Students Can Learn During Long Holidays

Useful Technical Skills Students Can Learn During Long Holidays

Rightfully a long holiday is a time for one to unwind, relax, and take it easy. Students particularly look forward to getting time off and pursuing recreational interests and activities. At times, however, ideas are in short supply. As a result, parents and students become worried about how to spend time doing something productive in holidays. Well this article has more than one answer for you to explore.

As it turns out, a long break is the perfect pretext for people of all ages – not only students – to add new skills in the repertoire. There are all kinds of skills available to be learnt, the choices all boil down to one’s interests and preferences. Off late, there is growing demand amongst students to learn and hone technical skills. You have come to the right place. Below is a compilation of some of the most popular and useful technical skills to learn and master. Take your pick!

1. Internet of Things (IoT): Almost every kid on the block wants to master the Internet. It is the most happening and fast-evolving field of work, after all. For students aspiring to become an Internet expert, then sign up for a course in IoT. With expertise in this course, you will become a very handy resource for doing all kinds of tasks related to the Internet. Moreover, IoT equips one with an expansive skill-set, and given how smart cities are mushrooming in everywhere in the world, possessing knowledge in IoT is a great bonus!

2. Android: With over a million apps, and more than a billion users using them, Android is arguably the industry to foray into. Learning about Android and everything related to it, one can get exposure to the world of apps – how they are made, the technical aspects, the use. Android is a rapidly growing industry today, and businesses worldwide recognize the power of apps and how they have transformed the commercial landscape. Let’s just say, apps enable business like nothing else can or does. As a result, Android development is a great specialty to learn and hone – especially if apps fascinate you.

3. Web Development: Have you noticed the steep rise in the numbers of shoppers who shop online? Are you one of them? Surely, your answer to the first question must be a yes. Today, online shopping has become a way of life all over the world. Realizing how shoppers enjoy convenience, more and more businesses are happy to put up shop online and let customers click away! Consequently, there is now a rising demand for web developers in the market. Aspirants have the option of specializing in either back-end or front-end, or learn the skills of web development full throttle.

4. C or C++: Ask any of tech-savvy individual about computer languages, the first name to come in their mind would arguably be C or C++. These two computer languages have quite a developing fandom out there. Suffice to say, these are national languages of computer programming. The reason for it being so is because, a multitude of applications are built using C or C++. During holidays students can enroll for a course in C and C++. What’s more, these learning courses are not only taught in real-time classrooms, they are available online too. Depending on time and convenience, students can spend their holidays learning the languages.

5. Python: Python is actually considered the amalgamation of IoT, analytics, and high-end games. If a student is deliberating about learning Python, then let us tell you that it is a very good technical skill to gain know-how of. If you’re looking to foray into the world of video games and aspire to design and build a video game or two on your own, Python will definitely come in handy. Additionally, with acumen in Python, you can also develop helper robots, and remote controlled cars. We bet you already know that tech-giants such as IBM, Google, and Yahoo use Python. All the more reason for you to learn it now, right?


So there you have it. We have lined up the possibilities, and now it is up to you to choose and commence your preferred course of action. Spend your holidays doing something productive and enhance your skills further!


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