Vital Suggestions for Teaching Math to Slow Learners

Vital Suggestions for Teaching Math to Slow Learners


Math at times proves to be challenging for slow learners. Such students are neither learning nor averse to learning but require simpler learning strategies and a constant guidance to process the information well. In Thailand tutoring is a booming profession and there are several students who require the guidance of skilled and experienced tutors in different subjects. Math is a demanding subject and students are in constant need of tutors who can guide them in an accurate way, especially those who are slow learners.Teachers must come up with innovative techniques to generate interest and assist in the learning process. Each student has his/her psychology of learning and it’s a challenge for the tutors to analyze the area of interest and develop an effective study plan that covers the syllabus of the schools in Thailand. Checkout the Traits of Slow Learners Tutors imparting education must be aware of the traits of slow learners and the effective solutions to them. There is a list of general problems and certain specific attributes of these students that can be considered:

  • They prefer simple math solutions and tend to get stressed with complex problems
  • They have short attention span and tend to loose interest and attention in a particular sum
  • They prefer performing simpler solutions that requires less time to solve
  • They cannot usually work under time constrains in examinations and loose concentration.
  • Perform below grade level
  • Has problem in understanding multi-step directions or the different ways to solve a problem
  • Has low organizational skills, slow grasping power and has difficulty in generalizing information
  • Works slowly and takes time to master skills as well as the concepts taught in classes
  • Works well and takes interest in "hands-on" material or practical examples like labs, presentations, geometric tools etc.

Strategies to Teach Slow Math Learners Need more time: Students with low Math learning skills need more time to understand and comprehend the basic concepts, rules and formulas of Math. These students need lots of revision and constant review of the concepts. Moreover, they need to regularly perform computations, practice and revisal, fostering better understanding. Teaching in small groups: As these students need more attention and continuous monitoring, teaching in small groups is more desirable and effective. Teaching a small section of learners enables in responding to their needs, fostering one to one interaction. Give real world examples: Slow learners face difficulty with concept building, calculations and require constant guidance to build the confidence in the students and introduce new concepts and framework to them. In addition to this, for mastery of the skills tutor must provide real world examples or some practical representations of the sums for better understanding. Slow learners have problems with imaginary concepts hence, practical examples provides the guidance. Make groups: Pair up students or make partners to foster discussions, sharing and interest in class and also to boost the confidence level by enabling them share their doubts or confusions together. Working together in solving math problems would also help them decipher the answer in an enthusiastic way.  Assign homework: The adage ‘practice makes a man perfect,’ goes well with slow learners. Tutors need to assign Math homework on a daily basis ensuring adequate practice opportunity. The assignments need to interesting and help revise the previous lessons too.  Access and review the students: Constant reviewing proves to be helpful for the students and enables the teacher to understand the progress of the learners. Even a five to ten review sessions of the Math lessons taught can speed up the learning procedure. Give rewards and feedbacks to students: Slow learners generally suffer from low confidence levels that further impede their progress and growth. Rewards or positive feedbacks from the tutor boost their self-confidence and facilitate in improved performance or accomplishing the Math tasks efficiently. Vital Tips for Tutor to Successfully Teach Slow Learners

  • Evaluate daily
  • Break down complicated tasks.
  • Encourage group participation
  • Shorten the lessons and the sessions
  • Teach in a quiet place with minimal distractions
  • Give ample time to them to understand
  • Have  the patience
  • Add variety to make the lessons interesting
  • Give challenging tasks that can be fulfilled
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Maintain a smooth communication level with students
  • Repeat the lessons again and again
  • Encourage question-answer sessions
  • Explore each child’s area of interest

Explore these innovative yet vital strategies to deal with the varied Math course materials of schools of Thailand and to provide the perfect guidance to the slow learners for a rewarding learning session.


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