Vital tutoring tips to lessen test anxiety

Vital tutoring tips to lessen test anxiety

In this highly competitive market, the students always remain under the pressure to acquire the best grades in the examination. Most of the parents keep high expectations for the children. They wish to see their kids achieve academic excellence. But with higher expectations of the parents come fear and anxiety of the students. Few children pretend to become sick on the days of examination or few actually fall sick due to unnecessary anxiety associated with the tests.

Ask the tutor for test preparation session:

Before examination the tutoring sessions may be used for additional instruction

session where the teacher explains the concepts and ideas in a manner that the students can easily understand. All the tutors use special tutoring session and allow the students adopt the skills that they learn to prepare for the tests at school. If the students have grasped the nitty-gritty of the subject and also practice it well before the test, their stress level automatically decreases before the test. Understanding the study preparation will help your kid the confidence they require for best performance on the test.

Request your students to take up tutoring sessions to improve their study skills:

The tutor allows your child to develop study skills in an effective manner. Here are the few basic skills that you may ask the tutor to incorporate during the sessions that may allow your kid prepare for the test.

  • Tell your child to study the material several days in advance. If your kid has to take up multiple tutoring sessions for a week, ensure that your child goes through the lessons beforehand and come up with their queries and issues during these sessions. In this way they can get most out of these sessions. If your child only attends one session in one week, ask the tutor to prepare a good study schedule for your child for examination preparation.
  • Most private tutors in Kuwait prepare mock tests for their children and help them to prepare for their final examinations. This mode of preparation allows your kid to make preparation properly while tackling the pressure of time limit. It may not be enjoyable for your children, but even if they take up these tests they will be able to perform best in the test.
  • Relaxing while preparing for the examination will eventually help them to relax during the test. Ask the tutor of your child to motivate your child from time to time. You can even encourage your child to practice breathing exercises. This technique is vital for handling stress of examination even during their adulthood.

Request your child’s tutor to develop test strategies

The tutor of your child is highly instrumental in helping your child in examination preparation. The person also can offer valuable tips so that your child approaches the test in best possible manner. Here are the best test strategies that your tutor can develop for best test preparation for your child.

The tutor may ask your kid to go through the question papers and find out the total number of questions that are set in the final examination. If your child studies the papers thoroughly, he or she will manage your time properly.

The teacher also encourages your child to study each and every question carefully and also go through all the directions as well. It is vital that your child should go through the questions with due attention. If your child goes thorough the questions hurriedly it is most likely that he or she makes the mistake.

All the tutors can offer valuable suggestions on how to handle difficult questions. For example, he or she may advice you to skip any difficult question and then come back to the same difficult question in the end. If you dwell too long on a single question then it will automatically increase your tension and also affect the manner you take the remaining test.

Evaluate the graded test during tutoring session:

The tutor also can review the previous examination of your child and show how he or she performed in the examination. In this way your child can know the strength and also identify their weak points. It is vital for the child to check that the objective of taking the tests is not enough to get grade mark and also to check what new things they have learned every time.

Consider these valuable tricks and help your child overcome fear and anxiety associated with examination.


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