6 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Beat Study Stress

6 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Beat Study Stress

Does your kid require help during exams? Board examinations are coming quickly. Your small endeavor can work wonderfully to enhance the performance of the kids. Children required their parent’s assistance and support during board exam. A few parents have shared some tips how their kids cleared board exam successfully.

Let us discuss those tips. It will help you understand what they did for their kids.

Group Study

Your daughter may undergo private tuitions for mathematics. You have found none of the tutors can help her conquer the fear of mathematics. She is a smart student but whenever sees mathematics question in the exam, gets scared. You may ask a couple of her batch mates to perform group study with her.

Her friends can come after school and spend 2-3 hours for solving mathematics. Certainly, she will start enjoying the settings and her friend's parents would appreciate you. Group study can help your kids beating stress if she cannot concentrate in pressure. Girls challenge each other solving difficulties. It will help your daughter make a good score in mathematics.

Don’t Compare with Others

You should not compare your son’s marks with other students. Let us take an example. Someone’s son may be an average and loves playing games and staying outdoors. When it comes to academics, he scores within 70%. He does not study more than 2 hours continuously even at the time of the exam. He might go out to chat with friends and come back for study.

His father becomes concerned that his son is taking board exam lightly. His mother suggested keeping trust on him. When the result was declared, his mother becomes happy. Their son scored 74% marks in board exam. Board exams are not all and end of the life. Let your child do things in his/her own way.

Don’t Discuss Bad Papers

Do you discuss with your child about bad papers after the exams? Do not discuss a paper after the exam especially if your child performed badly. Let us take an example. Someone's daughter could not finish her English paper in board exam. Due to lack of time, she could not attempt some grammar questions and essay.

The girl was disappointed and discussing with her mother about the matter. Her father told her not to discuss the paper again. Else it will make her distracted and frustrated. She could not perform well in rest of the exams. By discussing, again and again, it will not improve her performance.

Eat Dinner Together

Let us realize the importance of joint dinner with an example. A student scored 92% in board exam. He took admission in science in a college far from his home. He used to wake up early in the morning. After preparing lessons, he went to his college. He attended lectures and left to attend his private tuitions at other institutes. In class 11, his performance dropped to 68%.

In the second year, he suffered from a health problem. Often he has a headache and went to bed without having food. A month before the examination, his parent decided to wait for him for dinner. By this, the boy found help from his parents in dinner sittings. Exams are the exact time when families should enhance love for kids.

Continue Internet Service at the Time of Exams

Do you disconnect the internet service before your child’s board exam? Kids spend lots of time on the Internet. They love playing games and surfing the internet. You might get surprised seeing them playing games. It makes you tell your internet service provider to disconnect the service.

There are some important websites where your child can download previous question papers. He may get information on online admission, sample question papers etc. The Internet service provider may take a week to start the service again. So it is a bad decision to disconnect the internet service before exams.

Reduce TV Volume

Television is one of the main distracting things. Therefore reduce the TV volume while your son would be studying in the next room. Nowadays, most people live in small apartments so it is impossible to avoid distraction. It is especially noise of other kids playing outside and TV. Watching TV on loud sound will make your kid feel that he is being denied leisure.

By following above things, you can reduce the stress of your child during board exam. Your child needs utmost care, love, and support from family during the exams.



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