Ways Students Can Improve their Handwriting

Ways Students Can Improve their Handwriting

A good handwriting is an important skill amongst students. It is the most basic tool that is used to take down notes, complete class work or homework or just in general to write. A good handwriting beautifies the whole material and makes it more visually appealing.Teachers are often seen stressing the importance of good handwriting right from the beginning. It also helps to boost confidence in students.

The great news is that everyone can work on to improve their handwriting. While writing there are a lot of body parts that are in action at the same. While writing, the eyes need to be in perfect coordination with the hands so as to see what it is doing. To ensure that the elbows and the wrist move in the proper direction, the shoulders remain absolutely steady. The brain also needs to be alert so as to know how the letters and the words should look like and make correct decisions about what you want to write.

Below are a few steps that can help you to improve your handwriting.

Follow the lines as a Map

Lined papers are probably the best ones to practice handwriting. The lines serve as a guide to writing letters that are of the same proportion and size. The lines help to make sure that all your letters are aligned in a perfect way and appear absolutely straight. You can also try and draw lines on a blank sheet to practice writing. Perfectly aligned writing makes the whole text visually attractive to read.

Getting a proper grasp

Writing becomes rather easy when you hold the pencil in a proper way. Allowing the pencil or the pen to rest near the base of the thumb is the best way to hold it. Thumb, middle finger and the index finger must be used to hold the pen or pencil in place to get a good handwriting.

Lower your speed of writing

Lowering your speed of writing might be the best option if you find that your handwriting is pretty difficult to understand. At times you might also feel that you need to erase a lot. In such cases, slowing down might help. Rushing into it would just lead to making more mistakes thereby making it hard to understand where to start and stop.

Taking regular breaks

Take frequent breaks if you feel you are getting tired easily or are getting distracted. Doing a thing on a continuous basis will bore a child and make them less interested in it. Relax and take regular breaks to refresh your mind.

Evaluate yourself

Evaluating yourself is necessary in order to know the progress that you have made. Students must evaluate their week’s work so as to know what more they need to work on. Improvements can be made on this basis. Students can take the help of tutors if required who can let them know what more they need to work on.


It has been proved that the fine motor skills of a child develop when he or she writes by hand. It has also been found that the elementary students tend to write faster with hands than on the keyboard. The teachers, as well as the parents, play a big role in explaining the importance of good handwriting to children. Getting that perfect handwriting can be achieved at any age by working on a bit hard on it. But it is best when learned at an early stage. Put more effort into handwriting your work and avoid typing whenever you can. This will take more time but will build your skills for writing smoothly.


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