Ways Students Respond to a Test Day Situation

Mar 22, 2020

The most common habits of students before an exam is to fight with their textbooks. People who have crossed the age of writing exams also sometimes feel the same old struggling even when they are well aware that it isn’t that hard. Exam preparation must be done correctly. Students generally react in funny and amusing ways even the instructors get themselves entertained and sometimes irritated too when it gets overboard. These mixed emotions morph students into alternate personalities they wouldn’t even realize until someone makes fun of it when they catch-up in the Alumni meet.

Overly Religious:

Students suddenly become too religious, worshipping their favorite gods, promising to make offerings if the Gods make them steer clear through the exams. Exam nights are like Christmas Eve – hoping for miracles to happen. They always carry a religious object, a lucky charm or a lucky pen from their grandmother. It magically boosts up their confidence and grades.

Choisy and Fluky:

Some geniuses believe in probability and choose their answers based on functional and personalized theories of probability. Many use ‘Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo’ as the standard method.


The pessimist guys have a strong confidence that they are sure to fail. They are so busy brooding over the thought so much that they forget to prepare and even take up their exam correctly.


The intelligent folks take a step further and even offer to bribe the teachers!


These folks know how well to hide and retrieve their little piece of intellect. Very smart than FBI they are pretty adept at sneaking around and hiding the entire textbook in ways you can’t even possibly imagine.


Some even fill-up their answer sheets with a ton of information. Relevant or not they write stuff all those they could remember. Starting from the outline of the concept in question to topics from others subjects even till the movie plot they watched last week. The pile of their answer books with additional sheets hoping for more points for the length of their answers.

The late finisher:

These rabbits from Alice’s Wonderland are always in a hurry but never on time. They spend most of their time in deep thought and never find enough time to put their thoughts on paper.

The clueless:

People sometimes are not even aware of what they are doing. They are always in the search of answers as to what exam they are to write the very next day, what topics they are supposed to cover, what books they need to refer, where is their exam center, etc.

The newbies:

These people must be from a different planet or maybe even a different universe. They are totally alien to the concept of studies, books, and exams. It is all new to them. They hold their books on a front for the first time of their lives and wonder what’s there in it and what it means.

Closed brainers:

These folks have their brains all deeply locked-up. It is so hard for them to study. No matter how carefully they try, it is challenging for them to grasp things and load it in their brains.

The road-runners:

It really makes one wonder what they write on their answer sheets. They finish off their exams the first in the hall and get into deep sleep irrespective of the subject or the class they are in.

Eternal patients:

Here is the one who always falls sick with the thought of exams. They come into the hall with some kind of an ailment something or the other. Fever, cold, fracture, a broken nail or even a sore throat. They always have a little pharmacy store in their pockets.

Studious and committed:

And finally, there are the studious and committed ones. They are the people who take their studies sincerely. They follow all the guiding tips they find online and pieces of advice they get from their family & friends and follow them. They are the ones who join the best tutoring that can improve the performance level. They study every day, never miss classes, take notes properly, do their homework regularly, follow a healthy lifestyle and never raise their heads during exams except to ask for an additional sheet of paper. They are the epitome of perfect studentship any parent or teacher would want, but it is always rare or never to come across such a rare gem.

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