Ways Teachers Can Develop a Better Society

Ways Teachers Can Develop a Better Society

Teachers are the architects of the future generation. They design the blueprint for success and build the foundation with values and ethical teachings. Educationists around the globe have given the definition of a teacher in different manners. Some believe a teacher is someone who dispenses knowledge to its pupils; while others argue that a teacher is a leader or an educational guide for the students. Whatever the definition may be, the role of the teacher cannot be undermined. They play the central role in determining the future success rate of their students.

Like any other professions, there remain both good and bad teachers in the educational world. A good teacher can lead the student to success whereas a corrupt or a bad teacher can deteriorate a students’ progress level significantly. There is a lack of appreciation for this profession as opposed to other professions due to the consistent level of good teachers. The impact of a bad teacher can be disastrous for the future of a nation. Thus, it is essential for us to acknowledge the roles of the teachers to develop a society.

Roles of a Teacher in Developing the Society

The functions of a teacher are numerous and challenging in nature. Their task is not limited to the classroom rather they educate the entire society. The students of today are the shining stars of tomorrow. Building and developing them from their initial years rests upon the shoulders of the teacher. A tutor also conducts thorough research and attends various community centers.

Acts as an intermediary

Teachers are the best suited to affect the lives of the society and the students considering they have received adequate education and training. The role of a teacher is to serve as a bridge between two inter-dependent extremities, i.e., the school and the society. What affects the school also puts an effect on the society and vice versa.

They act as an intermediary to assist and develop the students learning as well as being actively engaged with the society and school.

Role model in a society

The members of every society and the students admires the hard working nature of a tutor. Children’s are great imitators, it is up to the teachers to give them something great to imitate. Students copy the mannerisms, style, behavior, appearance modes and other vital etiquettes from the teachers. The attitude they attain from the teachers at the school level becomes a mainstay in their future. For any student, becoming a responsible citizen in future depends on the teacher.

Teaching Values

After teaching simple arithmetic equations and identifying errors, values such as hard work, obedience, honesty, patriotism, discipline, love, etc., needs to be also propagated in the classroom. Every society requires these values to develop and prosper.

Just inserting knowledge won't help a student, there need to be sprinkles of values added to it. An intelligent student can even have a corrupted mind.

Enlightenment to the Society with knowledge

There are various sectors in the society where a teacher's knowledge and expertise are needed. Social Welfare, Commerce, Health Industry, Agriculture, etc. are some of the few areas where the services of a teacher are necessary.

The extent of knowledge and skills of the teacher puts them in a position where they can identify any pressing issues within the society. This opportunity of enlightening the society can be acquired during prize distribution, speech, meetings, seminars, workshops or other events. Teaching should be extended to society where parents and guardians can also have a feel of what the school stands for.

The dwindling fortunes of our society can be changed into a positive direction when corporate bodies and nonprofit organizations provided support to the schools. When there is a backing from the society, the teacher can perform more freely.

A teacher is someone who builds the walls of a child's future. Imagine the teachers of Einstein or Adam Smith, where those tutors extra talented considering they created such intelligent students? No, the profession of a teacher is to teach every other profession. They solely input values and guide them towards the right path. The development of our society will continue at a crawling speed if the bookish and classroom-based studies continue. The one to lead the society in the road of development should be the teacher.


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