7 Best Ways to Build New Habits

7 Best Ways to Build New Habits

Waking up at 6.00 a.m. seemed impossible to me, when I was a three-year-old toddler. But I didn’t have much choice, either. The morning assembly in our school started at 7.30 and our principal was very strict about punctuality of students. So, if the clock struck 7.31, and yet you failed to reach school, you were marked as a ‘latecomer’. And, you would be made to kneel down before all the students, teachers and staff members as punishment!This fear of humiliation actually made me an early bird. Initially, life seemed crazy rising up at dawn, especially during the chilly winters. But they say, if you practice something every single day, that ‘something’ becomes a habit. And suddenly you discover that you have turned over a new leaf. Remember the words of the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle who had said that good habit they were cultivated at youth made a lot of difference?So, you must be determined to develop some good habits, right since your childhood. Doing so would not only make you an efficient student, but also enable you to bloom into a dynamic personality who is loved by all and sundry. Ah, I know what you are thinking friends. “Its easier said than done.” Well, not at all. Learning effectively about how to build new habits is the key to be a power-plugged human being. Here is how:

  • Believe you can do it: First of all, you must firmly believe in your abilities. Say to yourself, “From today onwards, I refuse to be a slave of my bad habits. I welcome positive habits and will strive to make them a part of me.” The power of the mind is unimaginable, friends and if harnessed properly can reap fantastic rewards. You must try it to believe it. Be determined to change one negative habit of yours every week. Command yourself to do it.
  • Strategize effectively: Now, it is time to prepare a strong strategy to obtain effective results, after you are done ushering in the determination to introduce yourself to new habits. For instance, some students find it tough to concentrate in academics. Simply trying to drown into the textbooks and memorizing alone won’t help students. Why not encourage your kids to meditate at least during weekends? Explain them step-by-step how meditation can help learners. And finally, how they can improve learning if they cultivate the habit.
  • Choose your steps: Just like welcoming a new person in your life brings with it certain complications, so does attempting to develop good habits. Therefore, you must tread with cautious footsteps. Or else, your new habits would bid you farewell soon. Some of the most common steps include:
  1. Setting your alarm clock at least 30 minutes early to check yourself from hitting the snooze button
  2. Decide on your work-wear the night before. After all you don’t want to waste time looking for it for you might get late for work.
  3. Take time out to go for a morning walk or Yoga.
  4. Prepare your lunch or arrange for it the previous night before your weekdays.
  • Be specific about your strategies: Ready to implement your brand new strategy for inculcating new, great habits? I would suggest you be lay down some specific guidelines on how you can achieve it. Say, for example, you are keen to stop being a night owl and grab adequate sleep to improve your memory. Just deciding to sleep for a long time is not enough to drive you towards your goal.

Take a diary and write down in present tense about what exactly you would do to increase your sleep timings. Write: “From tonight, I am sleeping for nine hours. I’m hitting the sack at 10 p.m. and waking up at 7.00 a.m. tomorrow.”

  • Be grateful: Come on, don’t be too hard on yourself. Haven’t you noticed how a nice compliment from your boss can make your day? Similarly, every human being deserves a pat on his own back every time he makes progress. So, appreciate yourself. If you succeed in practicing Math for an hour every day, thank yourself. Also, if you reach your school on time for over two months, treat yourself to your favorite ice cream. Doing it would motivate you to work on your habits.
  • Identify the loopholes: Are you lagging behind of late? You had started waking up with the sun, but suddenly your old habits are threatening to return, right? Relax, and don’t stress out. It might be a consequence of certain loopholes on your strategy. You need to know what they. And, then rectify them immediately. Does your alarm clock need repair? Stop being lazy and take your clock to a repairing center. Remember, you cannot afford to go back to being who you were, with all your bad habits!
  • Maintain a diary: When I was a high schooler, I used to write down everything I memorized, particularly the dates in History. Writing helped me learn faster and improved my grades to a great extent. For instance, you can express your first accomplishment (after developing a new habit) in your personal diary, with the date and time in a small paragraph. You can also put down the timings of doing Yoga or meditation in it. Also, note down the frequency, that is how frequent your habits are. It acts as a powerful reference tool for you, that you can follow to track your progress.

Sometimes I bump against students who are ready to skip their tuitions at the drop of a hat. “Ma’am, my stomach is aching today, so I’m unable to attend your classes”, or “The sky is cloudy, so can you please postpone our Math exam?”, etc. What do you do to make such students interested in their lessons? First and foremost, teachers can motivate students to infuse certain positive habits to their routine. For instance, you can encourage your pupils to practice solving Mathematical problems every day, for a minimum of 30 minutes. It would help them get rid of their phobia in this subject.Do you know about any more ways in which one can incorporate new habits into his lifestyle? If yes, please share them with us in the comments section provided below! And good luck to each one of who who’re making attempts to eliminate their old, bad habits!


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