Ways to Check How Well You Understand What You Learn

Ways to Check How Well You Understand What You Learn

It is essential to understand a topic you are studying. There is no use of using the method of rote learning as you are going to forget some or the other things in the exam. But if you have studied by understanding the concept thoroughly, you can easily remember all the things in the exam. Also this method saves a lot of time when you study or learn as compared to the rote learning method where you have to again and again memorize the whole words. There are many ways to understand the topic. You need to follow the right steps and methods in order to learn properly. You need to focus and concentrate hard on the chapter or subject you are learning. Try to ignore all the type of distractions you face while studying. Make the concepts you are studying easier, interesting and attractive by learning through pictures, diagrams, videos, power points, etc. This will help you to concentrate and understand your studies.

To understand a topic is important

  • Teachers can check about how well the student have understood by asking a few questions to students at the end of the lecture. A teacher can ask the questions related to the topic just taught as this will give a clear picture to the school weather students are understanding or not. Same can be done by private tutors and coaching classes. By this method classes can also find out that which students are weak and how much help do they require.

  • Students should make a habit of jotting down points. These important points helps the student in understanding the lesson very quickly. They should also practice solving and writing the problems or questions. Just by reading or memorizing orally will not be sufficient. You need to write down the whole paper. Practice also helps you in scoring very good marks as it gives you an idea about the actual paper and how you are going to perform.

  • Teachers can have group activities like plays, skits or project making. This will encourage the child to do research on the topic and will also get attracted towards that topic. It will also help the students who are in audience to understand better as we humans tend to recollect more the things which we visualize.

  • Formative assessment is essential to check how much the students have understood. Unlike summative exams, which evaluates student learning according to a benchmark, formative assessment monitors student understanding so that students are always aware of their academic strengths and learning gaps.

  • A teacher can observe the students and record their performances. After this they can make students understand their mistakes. A good teacher can learn a lot about student’s observation in just a few moments. They can assign group activities and performances and then note down and observe how much the students have understood.

  • Students can also understand their concepts by sharing it with their friends. They can attempt methods like group studies which may clear their doubts as some other friend must be knowing that particular answer. Also while studying students should read loudly and not in their mind. As they will read loudly they will understand the concept well. While learning question answers also they should repeat each answer loudly.

  • There is also many key points that help students understand the concepts well. They are make opinion chart, identify the main idea of lesson, describe the main points of chapter loudly, compare different points, develop a study guide like what are main topics, illustrate most the concepts, find interesting phrases and proverbs, try to explain the solution briefly, sketch some important articles, discuss with your close people, and concentrate on all the lessons.

Understanding the concepts one is studying plays a significant role in a student’s life. It allows you to gain proper knowledge as well as score high marks. It also develops a proper and scientific approach towards studies and concepts. It is proved that students that learn with proper understanding of concepts score better marks than the ones that learn by methods like rote learning and memorizing concepts. Therefore, it is best that you study with full concentration and make sure that you have understood your concepts properly.


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