Ways to Do Justice to Gifted Students

Ways to Do Justice to Gifted Students

Most of the people think about the disabled people when they think of the special tutoring. Well, that is another section in our society that also needs special kind of learning. They are the gifted ones. This means that the students are talented and have special qualities in them. The sad fact is that even if they are gifted they have to attend the same classes that other students also attend. But this prevailing system needs to change. If you are a teacher at a school and find there are some gifted students then you must teach them separately so that they can enhance their skills. A degree in special education can teach you the required skills that will help you to guide the students.

Recognizing the Gifted

Well, before you are teaching the gifted students recognizing them is really important. The characteristics might differ from person to person. The common qualities that you may trace in them are as follows:

Fast Learner-You will see that the gifted students learn very fast. They quickly pick up a math problem and solve them. Even while you are explaining in the classes they would listen attentively to you. Before you start a chapter they would collect a lot of information about the chapter. There are also unusual problem-solving skills that one witnesses in them. They make connections between such things that other students fail to see.

Curious- Everything that you teach in the class they would take seriously. They would also ask you a lot of questions. They would also finish their work faster than anyone else. They are having a good memory. They are able to express their unique thoughts. Most of them are self-motivated.

Participates Actively- When you observe them you will see that they learn skills quickly. They participate in all the activities actively and are very glad to be a part of the games. Their achievement both in the academics and in the sports is better than the other students. They are always very keen to try out new things that help in the enhancement of their records. Most of these students take challenges positively they think independently.

Things that you should do justice to these kinds of students are described here:

They Can Be Naughty

The gifted ones can be naughty at ones and might also misbehave. So, being the teacher you have to control them and keep them in their limits.

Emotionally Sensitive

The gifted children take critical comments from the tutors in a serious way. Even they can make themselves aloof from the others in order to save themselves from criticism. Thus, the teachers are advised not to use harsh words against them and be polite while criticizing them.

Maybe Matured

You will find them that they are so much matured that they are far above the talents of the adults. But they are not as matured as the adults in all cases. They should also not be expected to handle the adult situations in that case. They should be made to live like the children of their age. They should be assigned to do work that children of their age generally do.

Sense of Right and Wrong

As they have a strong sense of justice they are very careful about speaking lies or making double statements. If you find such a situation in the classroom then you shall never doubt them. You can even find out from them who are the mischievous ones of the classroom or who have been behind pranks.

Not the Perfect Ones

When you are talking about a gifted child then you should not expect them to be perfect. They have flaws like any other human beings. So, it is advisable that they should not be burdened with extra loads of work. Give them the work that they can do for sure. Also if you are a parent of a gifted child do not always expect an A grade from them. Praising them for their efforts is necessary but making grades compulsory for them might throw back in the wrong direction.

These are only a few things that can lead to a justified environment for the gifted students. If you are the teacher you should take care of the needs. This will also be helpful in imparting them quality learning.


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