Ways to Give Kids a Better Childhood

Ways to Give Kids a Better Childhood

Parenting is becoming more challenging every day. Relationship within families is now farce and leaves a bad impact on the child. Even as teachers, we have to be careful that we don’t bring our personal issues into the professional world.

Following are some tips to make childhood better for kids:

Get happy yourself

After extensive research, it has been seen that unhappy parents raise unhappy children. Parenting is tough, and there are times when you would have to keep your child’s wellness in mind and fake a smile. However, getting to the good aspects of life, appreciating what you have, and teaching them the same would help you find the positivity behind everything.

Teach them about building relationships

The learning requirement of children are not bound to just studying. They need to know more about relationships, manners, etiquettes, and all of these would shape their personality. Children should know how to value their relationships from an early age, so that they never take people for granted when they grow old.

Expect effort and not perfection

Many teachers and parents expect too much out of children and wish to see them do as they think they could. However, it takes away the real potential of the children, and it can also hurt their self-esteem. When your child does moderately well in studies, you must encourage him to do better, but also find out if he has other interests that he could excel in.

Teach optimism

Sometimes we fail to make children feel positive about them or choose a wrong way to go about it. Instead of scaring a child by saying that he could fail the examination if he doesn’t study, it is better to tell them how far studying well, could take them. Help them see the good in bad situations, so that they never lose hope.

Teach emotional intelligence

Most people have natural sense of emotional intelligence, but it is not like you cannot help someone feel deeper. If you ever wish to help poor people or help a blind man cross the road, you will set examples to your child who would try to do something for the society.

Teach self-discipline

Up to a certain age, you always need to be behind their back to get things done. However, you could take a chance and give them the opportunity to have self-discipline.

Set an alarm and see if they wake up on their own, give them a schedule to take a bath, pack their bags, get ready for school, and come to the table for their breakfast. See how well they pull it off and instruct them to correct when they go wrong. This could make them feel independent and satisfied.

Let them play

With all the smartphones and internet access in the world, children have stopped going outdoors to plays. Parents don’t feel like sending their kids outside because they fear uncomfortable acquaintances.

If you think you need to take out more time and go with your child to the park, you could do that. Don’t cut down on their outdoor activities and interaction with more children. This is the only way you can help them discover more of life.

Eat together

Everybody in the family must meet for one meal, irrespective of their schedule. This is where everyone gets to bond with each other, know how their day went and keep a track on what is going in each other’s life.

Children expect harmony and relaxation at home, and that helps them get through their studies and extra activities. They always need support from their parents, at least to make them feel that they are always there when they need to reach out.


Consider discussing about making a better childhood for your kids with your spouse. You could also involve relatives, counselors or teachers to get a better idea on how to go about it. Mutual harmony in relationship is much required, and there are more things like controlling temper, being empathetic, understanding a child’s mental state, and other relevant situations that you need to look into.


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