Ways to Keep Out of Trouble While Using Social Media

Ways to Keep Out of Trouble While Using Social Media

With the technology advancing and more and more people are using social media, it has become quite dangerous. People often upload their very personal information on these platforms and then this information is misused by people and there is a lot of trouble created. Especially teenagers which are constantly uploading on social media and share each and everything on their public accounts. People need to understand that it is harmful to share information on these apps as it can be misused quite easily. Although social media is a great platform to interact, promote and to chat, one needs to be careful about what they upload and with whom they share their personal things with. Anyone can suffer some of the most embarrassing as well as damaging revelations through activity on social networking and even the most simple and everyday tweets and status updates can have far reaching consequences.

Ways to be safe on social media

  • Always make a private account on any social networking site. Don’t keep your account publicly open in urge for some extra followers. We don’t if your friend’s account is real or a fake one. These sites can be used people searching for victims. It is very easy for anyone to make fake account on the web, hence you should maintain a healthy scepticism over what you see on social media. Don’t talk frequently on social networking sites with people you don’t know properly. And don’t share your personal photos and information even to your friend on social media.

  • Change your passwords regularly and choose passwords which are hard to guess that are long and are a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t share your passwords with anyone which includes your best friend as they may cause you harm one day. Make sure you use different passwords for each account on different social networking sites. Don’t enable auto login and make sure that your computer bowser does not remember your login and password. By using this someone unknown can login through your password.

  • Don’t use old accounts and close all the accounts that you don’t use anymore. Don’t risk leaving personal data in an old account you have not used in years. Manage your privacy settings properly. Make sure you only share things with your close friends and family and check the settings regularly. Install software that updates your computer’s defences automatically and makes sure you won’t be spreading viruses any further. Check out the settings, configuration and piracy sections to see what options you have to limit and who and what groups can see various aspects of your personal information.

  • Educate your children about the harmful effects of social media. As majority of social media is used by teenagers, it is important for parents to make their children understand that social media can be quite dangerous. Often teenagers upload pictures or personal information just to make their friends see what they are doing or just to show off about their wealth. Sometimes people upload embarrassing photos due to peer pressure and the challenges they must have taken in schools and colleges. Parents need to make their children realize that although they must be uploading pictures for fun, it can also be very harmful to them. It is essential that parents educate them about safe online behaviour and keep tabs on what they are doing online.

  • The internet is rife with malicious software ranging from malware and spyware to adware and the evil ransom variety. There are thousands of attacks every month on social media. Like malicious apps phishing scams use social media to trick people into handing over personal information like bank details and passwords. Phishing attempts largely includes fraud customer tricks targeting customers on various social media apps.

It is important for people to use social media wisely and check all the privacy details regularly. As we know everything has pros and cons and so does social media. So people especially teenagers should understand when and what to post online. People should also spend limited amount of time on social media as it is quite addictive. Always make sure you don’t talk to strangers on any of the sites and don’t post any kind of pictures.


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