Ways to Make Your Child More Intelligent

Ways to Make Your Child More Intelligent

Achieving success is not easy. It is especially difficult in today’s times when there is immense competition going on in almost all the fields of human life in the present world. Achieving success in such a competitive scenario needs the presence of many amazing qualities and one of them is intelligence.

Intelligence is a great attribute in itself and can play a very big role in achieving success for any person. It can prove to be an especially useful quality in achieving success in all walks of life if a person possesses this attribute right from his childhood. Thus, today many parents are trying many ways to make their child more intelligent while they are their tender age only.

Making a child more intelligent is not that easy a task as it seems like. There are many prerequisites which need to be followed for growing the level of intelligence of a child. Let us go through some of the ways in which you can make your child more intelligent.

Nourish your child with healthy food

First and foremost, healthy food is necessary for all human beings. It is especially necessary to provide child with healthy food if you want to develop their intelligence. Provide them with food containing the required quantity of proteins, vitamins and minerals. This will aid not just for their better physical growth but also play a significant role as a primary factor for enhancing your child’s intelligence.

Allow your child to play freely

It may seem that physical activity such as playing freely has no connection with the growth of a child’s intelligence whereas in reality it is not so. In fact, scientifically explaining, playing freely can help in the growth of brain cells of your child. When a child walks, runs or exercises, there is a growth of brain cells in his body which directly contributes in developing the intelligence of your child. So, at times allow them to play freely in order to build their intelligence.

Talk with your child a lot

It is not just the physical activity that can grow your child’s intelligence but verbal ability is also equally important to propel your child’s intelligence. The very basic fact is that the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test is calculated on the basis of verbal ability and efficiency. So, talk with them a lot if you want to develop their intelligence faster. When you talk with your child and they hear your words their brain functions more actively to understand your words and its precise meaning. This is a mental form of exercise which trains their brain to keep on remaining active and function in a healthy way and a continuous cycle of this process helps in boosting the intelligence quotient of your child.

Provide your child with good books

It is said that book are a man’s best friends. This can hold especially true in case of developing intelligence with the use of books. When a person reads books it not only provides him with a lot of useful information but basically it keep the mind of that person continuously engaged and active in reading the book. This helps in developing the all round intelligence in a person. So, provide your child with a lot of good books to read and if he is too small to read then provide him with pictorial books as seeing a lot of pictures can also aid in increasing intelligence of a child.

Let your child watch television

Television has a similar but a more powerful effect on the mental growth of a child. When he watches television, first of all he gets to know many things which were totally unknown to him until now. Secondly, it keeps his mind continuously active. And thirdly and most importantly it provides his mind with a lot of entertainment too. All these effects taken together keeps the brain cells of a child active which results in developing a child’s intelligence. However, watching excess amount of television is also not good for health and eye-sight, so do let your child watch television but in limited amount and that too only the right kind of programs suited best to develop his brain’s intelligence.

It is highly advisable that most parents follow the above mentioned ways to make their child more intelligent. If these ways are followed in an apt manner, it is very much likely that you will be able to accomplish the task of developing your child into a much more intelligent human being.


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