Ways to Prepare Yourself to Write Faster and Neater During Tests

Ways to Prepare Yourself to Write Faster and Neater During Tests

It is quite important for students to focus and work on their handwriting. Gone are the days when you can hide your answers by writing riddles of text and expect teacher to search for the answers. Today, the school and board systems are quite particular about a student’s handwriting. Teachers are given instructions that if they find a student’s handwriting bad and couldn’t recognize words easily they have the right to cut students marks. Many times the answers may be right but are not written in proper points or the writing is bad, deserving marks are not given to students. Also it is very important for students to have a good speed of writing. Since papers are getting more and more lengthy, having fast writing speed helps you significantly. Also it gives you more time to think and work on problems or questions that are difficult. It helps you to complete the paper before time and gives you time to re-check your paper. Good and neat handwriting creates a wonderful impression on the examiner which can neglect a bit of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Fast writing is essential in language papers and mathematical problems.

Ways to prepare for neat and fast handwriting

  • Always try to write in points and use bullets. It helps the examiner to correct and shows them clear points. Write points exactly on the topic and do not write extra information. Make data tables, tabular writing, graphs, diagrams etc. These things attract the examiner and helps them to easily identify the correct point.
  • Leave a few lines between paragraphs. If you are writing one of those long answers divide them into paragraphs and bullet points. Leave a fair space between words as it will look presentable. By drawing graphs and diagram it will save a lot of time rather than writing long paragraphs.
  • Pace yourself properly while writing a long paper. We have a tendency of writing extremely long answers for the first few questions and in later answers only little content is written for the remaining questions due to shortage of time. This deducts your marks significantly. So it is very important to figure out at the start of the paper that how much time each question would require.
  • Practice writing long essays and time your papers. Write essays and paragraphs from question papers in a fixed time as it will give you great practice. Prepare properly and well in advance. Proper preparation means you will be able to solve the questions easily and will be able to complete the paper on time. Or else you will be stuck on questions and there would be no time to attempt all the questions.
  • There are also many tutors and coaching classes which helps students to improve their English and also teach how to write with great pace. They provide writing material and also give reference video.
  • Minimize distractions while practising and during exams. Just be focused on the questions and think about the answers. Keep a proper posture while writing and always use pens of good quality during exams. All these things will help you in increasing your writing speed during exams.

Problems of having bad handwriting

Children face many problems when their handwriting is bad or they are slow in writing. They are unable to complete the heavy workload and homework given to them. As a result they are scolded in class and they feel ashamed. They lose their self-esteem and this results to problems like depression in future. They are also not able to complete papers and thus get very low grades despite having sufficient knowledge. This demotivate them immensely. They are not able to compete with other students and are not able to cope with pressure of the school. Students get frustrated and distracted and e eventually lose interest from studies. It is a very common problem which can be solved if worked hard.

The problem of handwriting should be solved during early age of a child. As it moves to further standards the portion and workload keeps on adding and it becomes almost impossible to work on your handwriting. Parents and teachers also play a key role in improving the child’s handwriting. Follow the above mentioned tips and practice some before exams, to ensure you write neatly but much quicker than before.


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