Ways to Spot Talent in Your Students

Ways to Spot Talent in Your Students

Students are a gifted lot. However, it takes some time and doing on part of parents and teachers to be able to identify that talent, and then nurture it accordingly. If you’re a parent or teacher and would like to warm up to what are the ways the identification process happens, read on…

  1. They are Curious: One of the trademark traits of students that are talented or gifted is that they are inherently curious. They ask many questions. They’d like to binge on all information that is available, especially on topics that are of interest to them.

  1. Behavioral Peaks: Generally the development peaks come sooner in skilled and gifted children. Their learning and development behaviors may be slightly varied compared to other children. For example, a talented toddler may pick on behavioral traits faster – such as talking. Suffice to say, their cognitive development may be of an advanced-level.

  1. Good Memory: A talented student is someone who does not forget information or facts so easily. In many cases, gifted students are likely to have a fortress-like memory, once a fact or piece of information gets committed; it stays inside for a very long time. Thus, they are able to easily retain information.

  1. Good Readers: If your child or student has good reading and math skills, the perhaps, you could adjudge him or her as skilled or gifted. Usually children that are avid readers and math problem solvers, they are also likely to be great are creative thinking and problem solving.

  1. Academically Inclined: Well, science and research may indicate that students that are academically superb are considered as gifted. On the other hand, there is ample proof also that talented students are not always and only the ones that get good grades and scores in their report card. An example case could be: a student is just average academically, but he has the goods as a creative thinker!

  1. Varied Interests: If a child or student gets easily interested in many things, and demonstrates an aptitude in numerous activities, it qualifies him or her as talented. Furthermore, talented children are prone to getting motivated to try new things. They are always up for a challenge – and consistently looking for ways to overcome obstacles.

  1. Independent Thinker and Doer: A gifted child will seldom tell you to do things for him, or better yet think things through for him. Nope, the ones with talents inside them operate a tad bit differently. They are self-motivated. If you want to gauge whether your child has the knack to be talented in something, examine whether they are like to do and think things on their own. If the case is so, then well, you have a budding talent in your midst! What’s more, because they have acumen of their own, their opinions are views will be unique and original. If your child comes up to you and expresses a point of view which is seems certainly beyond his years and yearnings then don’t get thrown off!

  1. No the “On-Demand Type”: Just because a talented child does not display his or her on potential on demand, does not make them lesser mortals. When trying to identify the gifts and talents of a child, it is important to bear in mind that, not all talented children have an inbuilt social streak in them. In numerous cases, talented kids like to open up about the skills and talents on their own time.

  • Provide and Nurture: Now that you have warmed up to the tricks of talent-spotting in children, you also need to do one more thing. Give them ample opportunities to grow and develop their talents and skills. Be it a sporty skill, or a creative inclination, parents and teachers have to be dutiful and give children the means to hone whatever it is that they are so good at.

  • Myth Bust: While on the topic, let us also make a mention that talented and skillful kids are not born and raised in elitist, upper-middle-class or professional families. It’s a popular myth which has been doing rounds for many years now. On the contrary, gifted children exist across masses and the classes – regardless of gender, race, and income status. The only challenge for parents, teachers, and other professionals is to be able to spot the talent streak in them.


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