What Budget 2017-2018 Could Mean For New Zealand Students

What Budget 2017-2018 Could Mean For New Zealand Students

The education system in New Zealand is regarded as one of the best in the world for being extremely varied. The public educational system, in fact, has the highest percentage of public funding for education in the entire world. New Zealand believes in offering every citizen the education that they deserve. The educational system aims at letting the children explore and discover newer things. They foster creativity and make them ready for college after they have finished their secondary education.

However, the new budget for the year 2017-18 introduced a lot of changes to the funding, university fees and repayment thresholds. What is worth considering is how this change in the budget is going to impact the New Zealand students.

Primary and Secondary Schools

In New Zealand, there are three kinds of primary and secondary school that you would get to see.

  • State-funded or public schools
  • State-integrated religious schools and,
  • Private Schools

The state-funded schools and the State-integrated religious schools are absolutely free with only minor costs for the school supplies, uniforms and books associated with it. The private institutions, on the other hand, can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $28,000 for a year. They might have a more academically intense syllabus and also provides the advantage of letting the parents choose as to what they want for their child.

However, with the budget of the year 2017-18, nothing would be affected in the primary and the secondary schools of New Zealand.

Higher Education

Higher Education is undoubtedly rather important. New Zealand has over eight universities throughout the country with over 600 training schools and 18 technological institutions. All of these aim to enhance the skills of the student. The program for higher education in New Zealand has been subsidized by the government for the permanent residents of the country.

No Benefit from the Commonwealth Fee Subsidies

With the new budget, the students of New Zealand would no longer be able to benefit from the Commonwealth fee subsidies which were offered to all the domestic students. This means that the students from now on would have to pay a full price in order to get their qualification. It is to be noted that the hike in the fee would be rather substantial. For example, the science degree which cost approximately $9,000 previously would now cost somewhere around $35,000. This increase shows how much hike there has been. This, therefore, means that the students would now have to consider a lot of things before getting an admission into a degree college.

Loans Would Come At a Cost

The student loans would be available to the students of New Zealand in order to offset the financial strain but that would come at a cost. The loan fee would now be available at a rate of twenty-five percent. The changes were made right from the first month of 2018. It is also to be noted that the current natives of New Zealand who are studying in Australia, this new regulation would not apply to them. It would only apply to the students who would apply for the loan this year.

As it is evident, the educational system is quite liberal and excellent right from the primary level to the college. Education undoubtedly plays a very vital role in the overall attitude regarding education. It is only with the help of education that you can achieve your goals.

Of course, the new budget is going to have an impact on the higher education and this is quite evident with the experts seeming quite unhappy with the change. Higher education is definitely something which is rather crucial and the new budget affecting those means that there was a disagreement among the students as well. However, the change has already been implemented and all of the students who are planning to take admission at the college in New Zealand might have to consider all of these factors.

Also, with the change in the budget, there might also be an impact on the CSP. The students who were already under the enrolment would be exempted from the budget change. In case you feel that you can cope up with the current situation, you can go ahead and get a degree in this country.


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