What Career Options Are Available For You After Humanities?

What Career Options Are Available For You After Humanities?

Have you just appeared for your high school humanities exams? Then, you have to become a bit more serious when your career is concerned. This will help you to headstart your professional life. Read the article to find out what career options do you have so that you can start your professional career. The stream humanities which is commonly referred to as arts deals with many subjects. These are literature, psychology, sociology, political science and others. With these subjects, one will have several career options too. The common ones are teaching, politics and law. Some of the students also make social work, business, journalism, and television their career.

Students can choose different options for study. If they want a degree then they have to go for the degree course or undergraduate courses. The courses can be based on Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Law, BBM, Bachelor of Library Science, etc. The courses with their scopes of career are discussed underneath:

Bachelor of Arts

This degree is awarded to the people who studies with any of the subjects that come under the humanities field like literature, history, political science, etc. If necessary they can take it up as their career, most probably teaching in this regard. The course also allows one to specialize in a particular subject and earn honours or a major degree. There can be jobs in private organizations, government institutions, and NGO works.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

This degree is concerned with the performing arts or visual arts. A student studying this course can become an art director, graphic designer, creative director or a user interface designer. The jobs are mainly in the publishing houses, art studios, advertising companies, manufacturing departments, etc.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The degree is good for those who want to have a career in the marketing and business line. This makes sure that that they know the technicalities and are able to become sales and marketing professionals.

Bachelor of Journalism

This degree is awarded to the students who studies journalism. A person who completes the course is known as a journalist. The person can get a job as a writer, advertising copywriter, editor, digital copywriters, broadcast journalist, editorial assistant, magazine journalist, proofreader, market researcher, information officer, public relation officer, multimedia specialist, etc.

Bachelor of Social Work

The basic work in this course is nothing but helping others. Through this course, one can work in social policy, social work, and research. The social workers are entitled to work in the child welfare centers, hospitals, mental health clinics, settlement houses, etc. A social worker has to work all day. There may or may not be any holidays for him or her.

Bachelor of Law

In this course of study, one gets to learn everything that is concerned with law or jurisdiction. One can henceforth become a lawyer after the completion of the course. He can set up his or her individual office.

Bachelor of Business Management

The bachelor of business management education allows one to perform the leadership roles so that they remain in the business or corporate work. A graduate in this field can get a job according to their field.

Bachelor of Library Science

The study concentrates on library informatics and library sciences. One can get jobs as bibliographers, archivists, library paraprofessionals, online content editors, information service assistants, etc.

Diploma Programs

There are several diploma courses available. This includes subjects like interior designing, event management, air hostess and flight steward training, foreign language, travel and tourism, teachers training and other fields. One can get a job in the relevant sector by these courses.

Insurance and Call Centre Jobs

If one is in immediate need of a job then they can apply to the insurance and call center jobs. These kinds of jobs have very basic learning requirement. A high school education is enough to allow one to join in these jobs. The advantages of these kinds of jobs are that they allow one to continue their studies while they are earning.

To conclude it can be said that there are certain institutions which allow learning while earning. Some colleges are there which offers professional training along with regular courses of study. These help the students to be well prepared for their career at the same time when they complete their studies.


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