What Does It Take to Get Into the Top National University of Singapore?

What Does It Take to Get Into the Top National University of Singapore?

It is the ambition of every excellent student to enter the best university in the country. As a Singaporean, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is like the Harvard of Singapore. An entrance into the prestigious university will ensure easy admission into any career fields and will surely provide a higher sense of respect from amongst the peers and relatives.

Suiting to its title as the second best university in Asia in 2013 (check out the list of top universities in Singapore here), the National University of Singapore has a strict requirement for all of its prospective candidates. You might ask, “What does it take to get into the National University of Singapore?”

Well, we’ve have gathered some information for you regarding the important aspects that the admission board members will look for in every applicant.

Good high school results

Just like any other top universities, National University of Singapore will first look at the examination results of your high school. Even though good results don’t really tell the overall capability of a student but it does, to some extent, display the learning ability of a particular person.

To remain as the top university in Asia, they would want to keep having the intelligent students and talented researchers, close within their school compound. Due to this nature, one of the first things that you will have to ensure, if you’d like to enter NUS, is to keep that examination results or CGPA high. If you are already a top scorer, you have overcome the first hurdle of the entrance. If you have not achieved a satisfied result, then you might want to start putting in extra effort in order to increase your chance of entering NUS.

Below are some of the academic requirements:

  • Pass at least 2 subjects at H2 level (Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Levels)
  • Meet the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) requirement, which is minimum S grade for H2 MTTL paper, taken for ‘A’ level examination

On top of the basic requirements above, different majors also have different set of prerequisites that you will have to fulfil. Check out their website to learn more about them.

Good curriculum experiences

Being a top student is not enough to ensure an entrance into NUS. This is because there are so many bright students who will be applying to NUS. Therefore, they will need to have few other filters that can help them identify the cream of the crop.

One of the other things that the admission board members will be looking for in selecting the students is the curriculum experiences. The National University of Singapore interested in students who are not only excellent in academics but also active in participating organizations, clubs or sport teams. If you are still in high school and looking to enter the prestigious NUS, then you might want to start being active in school and participate in one of the following bodies or activities:

  • Scout boy/girl team
  • Choral speaking or choir team
  • Soccer, rugby, volleyball or cricket team
  • Chess or any other board games team
  • Community service

If you can have one of the extracurricular activities in your portfolio, there’s a higher chance for NUS to recognize and admit you into their school.

Good personal character

Thirdly, the National University of Singapore will also be looking at your personal character and well-being. They might not be able to see such personal traits in the application paper, which is exactly the reason why they are doing the interview sessions with their potential candidates.

After receiving the application forms from the applicants, the admission board members will first filter based on the academic and extracurricular achievements. If they are satisfied with the first two requirements, they will then send you an invitation letter to attend their interview session. If you’d like to learn more about the interviews and check out the interview dates, you may refer to this page.

During this interview session, you will be scrutinized and assessed. If you’d like to represent yourself well during the interview, here are some of the things that you would want to pay attention to:

  • Good use of words and speech intonation
  • Good use of body languages
  • Smooth flow of ideas during the question and answer session
  • Good etiquettes and self manners
  • Smart and pleasant clothes/attires

Besides than the three important points we have discussed earlier, the most important point is to, well, apply! Even if you feel like others are doing better than you, in terms of the academic results and portfolios, do not reject yourself first. Just apply (before the deadline!) and be confident in yourself. By having all the three important pre-requisites and a little bit of good luck, there is a high chance for you to be admitted into the National University of Singapore!


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