What Makes Education at Singapore So Good

What Makes Education at Singapore So Good

Despite its tiny size, non-existent natural resources, inadequate farm lands, no forests or mines to exploit, Singapore is a developed country and its population enjoy high standard of living.

This has been possible because of the superior education system of the island country. The education system of the city state is robust and it churns out a huge number of highly qualified technical graduates each year. Singapore is a wealthy and prosperous state because of its highly educated population and its efficient education system.

1. More focus on STEM subjects

The graduates in Singapore are known for their proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Singaporean government spends a lot in these subjects and the students take their studies in these areas very seriously. Students have strong understanding of complex and technical subjects and do well in these areas. The education in Singapore is at par or even better than the Western standards.

2. High quality of teachers

The quality of teachers in Singaporean schools and institutes, both public and private, is high and is at par with global standards. The recruitment procedures are very strict and administrators ensure that they appoint only accomplished and competent teachers. The competition for teachers’ post is high and only the passionate and skilled teachers are selected to build the careers of students in the city state.

3. High ranking universities and colleges

The schools, colleges, and universities in the Southeast Asian country strive to meet high standards and set new benchmarks. As a consequence, most of the educational institutions in the city state fare well in the global list of good universities and colleges. Apart from imparting best-in-class teaching, the educational institutions in Singapore provide great amenities and resources such as state-of-the-art laboratories, well stocked libraries, spacious and interactive classrooms, good infrastructure.

4. Strict and high stakes exams

The educational institutions in Singapore conduct strict and high stake exams and tests to ensure that the students reproduce what they have learnt the entire year. The students take their tests quite seriously and are very competitive. The purpose of making the exams strict and high stakes is to maintain the qualifications’ weight. As exams is one of the key methods of assessing the standards of students, the government focuses to make it more competitive and strict.

5. Dynamic syllabus and curriculum

The syllabus and curriculum in the Singaporean education system is dynamic and is updated as per the latest development in the global education standards. The Singaporean Education Ministry changes the contents of curriculum and syllabus according to the most recent skills/methods/ processes equal to the most recent developments in teaching methods.

6. More thrust on practical knowledge

Singaporean educational institutions lay more emphasis on practical knowledge and design their course structure and teaching methodologies in such a way that students can get more practical knowledge. Singaporean universities maintain the state-of-art laboratories to provide a professional experience and demonstrate the practical examples.

7. English used as official language

The official language of Singapore is English. The lingua franca of world made it possible for people of various origins, cultures, and languages to communicate with each other in the country. This is also the reason that education is strong in the city state as students can access materials, case studies, research papers, technology, and other sources of information from English speaking countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Canada, etc. As the students are able to access and understand materials and knowledge from developed parts of the world, they remain ahead of the curve than students from other Asian countries.


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