What Schools Can be Doing to Win Parents Over

What Schools Can be Doing to Win Parents Over

It is important for a school to have proper amenities and facilities for children. In today’s generation it is essential for schools to have advance technology and gadgets in order to attract parents. This generation relies on technology as a way of life. Hence a school needs to adapt to all the new needs of the current generation. The marketing department of a school needs to work very hard in order to win parents. A proper description about the school, the facilities they provide, their curriculum for the academic year, the qualification of their teachers, number of extra curriculum activities they offer, etc. All these points should be mentioned briefly on the schools website and their brochures. There is huge amount of competition amongst world class schools with world class environment and infrastructure.

Ways in which schools can attract parents

  • Social Media Marketing: It is the most innovative and demanding mode of marketing and is the best way to make anything popular. It is a part of digitalization which lures audiences more easily and instantly. Being an inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns, it has become a useful way to increase communication amongst people.

  • Organize different type of educational eventsEducational events attract students and parents altogether to create awareness about education environment. These events are one of the most powerful tool of drawing attention of students, parents and guardians. Different conferences, congresses, webinars and webcasts are very helpful in promoting your schools and institutions. They help in creating a bond between the school and parents and gives a clear impression about the school to the parents. It is the most effective method to get in touch with parents.

  • Having Parent Interaction is important: It is one of the essential steps that helps you to win upon the parents. Parents and guardians always try to know the progress graph of their children. Parent interaction is the right step that help them in stay with the institution, while providing them a better way of focussing on their child’s academic career. Organizing parents meeting, sending emails at regular intervals, giving them information about their child’s performance etc. keeps parents through the everyday life of the school.

  • Easily accessible relevant information: It is imperative that the information the parent requires is easily accessible. Make sure that the parents understand the cultural and educational factors related to the school. Guide them through it step by step as it will help you in building a trusting relationship with parents. Webinars and for parents and prospectus students with faculty current or former students can foster direct communication and make your school stand out.

  • Modern Architecture: New buildings and state of art facilities has always attracted many students and parents. With large classrooms and sports grounds to play it can have a direct effect on parents. Make sure that you have world class interior with latest technology like E-boards, power point presentations, etc. Also you should make your classrooms air conditioned as makes the students relaxed and impresses their parents. A school should also offer many extra curriculum activities. They include sports, art, language and other type of competitions. Students want to attend schools where they know they will have fun and find like-minded individuals.

  • Create a good Website: If you want to attract new students having a remarkable website is essential. Use your website to tell your school’s story by sharing specific stories from students, parents, faculty and staff and alumni. Mention about your previous toppers, the famous students that have passed from your school as it will create a huge impact on parents. By using your website to tell your schools story, parents will be able to see what are the school values and what can the school offer.

There is a lot of competition amongst top schools especially in urban areas. Hence more schools are trying to portrait what they offer to people. But parents need to be careful while selecting a school for their children. They should not be awed by the flora and fauna of the schools. Parents should be wise while selecting a school and look for schools that have good teachers and professors along with a sound management which ensures the child’s bright future.


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