Why is Australia Becoming a Popular MBA Destination for the Foreign Students?

Why is Australia Becoming a Popular MBA Destination for the Foreign Students?

It has almost been a decade since the craze for doing courses on Masters of Business Administration (MBA) has gained ground. Over time, new courses have emerged and the popularity of MBA has dwindled a bit. However, that’s relevant only for the low-quality MBA programs, which had mushroomed all over the world with time. However, quality still rules the roost. And so, the best MBA schools all over the world still remained the favorite destinations of the students looking for better career prospects.Why Go for an Australian MBA?Why should a student go for an MBA? Well, not only a student, but even the working professionals have reason enough to go for an MBA degree. It helps in multiple ways:

  • Helps to develop and groom leadership quality in students
  • Provides better career prospects
  • Ensures higher salaries at work
  • Provides opportunity to interact with quality students and professors

This is why students are still trying to get admitted to the best MBA colleges. And Australia has emerged over time as one of the most popular MBA destinations in the world.Top Business Schools in Australia for Foreign StudentsThere are quite a few business schools in Australia. Here’s a quick look at the top ones among them:

  • Melbourne Business School – The University of Melbourne
  • Australian School of Business (ASB) - University of New South Wales
  • The University of Sydney Business School
  • Faculty of Business and Economics - Monash University

These schools are fast becoming the preferred destinations of a large number of foreign students. In fact, young people from different countries across the globe are coming to these universities to get admitted to business management courses.But what’s the reason?Pitching Multiple MarketsThis is probably one of the most important reasons for the increasing popularity of the Australian universities. When any person is going for an MBA degree, the first thing that he has in mind is to join a stable job with a handsome salary after completing the course. This is one of the basic requirements that everyone has from a high-profile course like MBA. However, if we look at the world around these days, there are pictures of economic depression in a large number of countries. So, it is difficult to get a satisfactory job if you focus only on the market of a single country. And this is where Australia is becoming more and more relevant for the students looking for a good job.Tapping the Markets of the Southeast Asian CountriesStudents completing their MBA courses in Australia can tap the whole Southeast Asian market and beyond. This surely is a great thing for them. And this is possible only because the business schools in Australia enjoy strong links with the major growth markets in Southeast Asia and a few other places. For example, the University of Sydney Business School is connected with Jiao Tong University. It ensures that the Chinese businesses can start their transactions in Australia. This provides the students with the chance of finding employment in different companies across the Southeast Asian countries as well. This is one of the reasons for Australia’s strategic location. Being closest to Southeast Asia, it can utilize the market there to the fullest. In fact, although it appears isolated, it acts as the gateway to the east.Australia’s Political and Economic Conditions HelpAlthough a few major economic powerhouses of the world merged into depressions during the last decade, the Australian economy remained almost unscathed. This ensured that the jobs opportunities for the aspirants were still being created there. Moreover, being one of the major political powers of the world, Australia is also well connected to the other countries. So, the students passing out from the universities in Australia always have the opportunity to go for their jobs in different countries of the world. So, there is no dearth of jobs for them.With every passing day, more and more students are going for MBA degrees. And many of them are always on the lookout for the best international B-schools. This is where Australia is becoming extremely popular among the aspiring students. They are taking admission to these schools with the dreams of a bright future, which is being fulfilled even in a world fraught with economic uncertainties.


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