Why It's Important for Students to Make Mistakes

Why It

In today’s world, education is of immense importance. Equally important is the process of getting educated, i.e., learning. Making mistakes is a part of the process of learning. A student cannot learn and master something without making mistakes. Mistakes are unavoidable during the process of learning. In fact, failures teach us a lot. Without hitting “the wall,” student’s learning is not complete. However, students also need to learn how to cope with failures and mistakes. If a student doesn’t know how to handle mistakes, results can be pretty devastating. Teachers can make significant changes to students’ outlook towards mistakes and help them embrace their mistakes.

Acceptance of Mistakes

It is very important that the students learn how to accept their mistakes. It teaches students how to cope with failures. First step after making a mistake is to accept it. That’s the only way a student can learn from their mistakes, evaluate what they did wrong and work towards correcting their approach. Acceptance of mistakes teaches one to not get demotivated but to embrace the failure and find out where one went wrong. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, it’s part of our nature. Institutes should focus on teaching this to their students rather than punishing them for their failures.

Self Evaluation

Self evaluation is an important part of coming over failure. Hence the students need to learn to self evaluate themselves. Sometimes students face failure because of lack of good habits, or not doing anything at all instead of doing something. That’s why self evaluation plays an important role in coming over failures. It teaches one the reason behind the failures, and essentially how to overcome them. A student may have some bad habits like procrastination, not caring about education etc. So self evaluation teaches students where they went wrong and whether their behaviour has anything to do with the mistakes they did or the failures they faced.

Fend for Oneself

Students need to learn how to fend for themselves in the real world. They can’t just step into adult life where they’ll have to look after themselves on their own if they have grown with someone looking after them their whole life. Here failures and mistakes play an important role. If a student learns from her failure, she won’t face any problem fending for herself in any situation. If one can overcome failure and correct one’s mistakes, it teaches one how to take care of oneself. It prepares one for the real world. That’s why it is important to make mistakes.

Creating a Better Self

Failures and mistakes are unavoidable in life. Sooner or later everyone faces failure. The key is to learn from them and create a better self. For example, a student might fail in some class. He can then learn from mistakes he did, and learn to pick himself up and passing the class next time. This helps in creating a positive outlook towards failures rather than fearing them. It takes time to come over failures, to correct mistakes. Hence failures and mistakes teach students to be patient, to believe in themselves. Failures should be seen as an opportunity to make oneself better, push the boundaries, and to come over problems faced in life with confidence. This eventually leads to a better self. Students especially tend to look at failures with dread, something to be wary of. Rather they should accept their failures, find out the reason why did it happen and work towards correcting the mistake and overcoming the failure.


To conclude, failures and mistakes are inevitable in human lives. Students need to accept their mistakes, evaluate where they went wrong and work towards correcting those mistakes. It teaches a lot of valuable lessons such as patient, and fending for oneself in day to day life.


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