Why Singapore Students should Learn Coding as a Basic Skill

Why Singapore Students should Learn Coding as a Basic Skill

What do you think about computer coding? Computer coding is the universal language around the world. People know how to code can communicate across countries. They are innovative and can solve problems effectively. By learning to code at a younger age helps kids solving their problems. This will help them to get opportunities throughout the lifetime.

Benefits and Results

Most people think programming or coding as a technical task. They feel that it belongs to a small part of the society. Do know what is meant by coding? It includes modern kind of literacy. Your child needs this in his/her everyday life. For most people having basic programming knowledge can use smartphones and other gadgets.

It helps those handling files on different platforms. You may consider all the benefits of learning to code from younger age. It is also suggested that you may also learn to code along with your child. If you are in Singapore, some Well-known institutes are there to provide training of coding.

Computational Thoughts

You can convert your thoughts with a logical and structured way through computational thoughts. Step by Step by instructions are coded into a computer. Do you have heard about thinking process? A coder needs to perform thinking process and solve the problems in a methodical way. A machine can replicate this.

Contents of Computational Thoughts

The method of thinking for solving problems is used by coders, software engineers, and others. Isn't it sounds good? Computational thoughts consist of algorithm making, advanced mathematics, and logic. You need to consider a problem and break into several steps of single action. Each step is managed in most efficient way.

An element of abstraction is there in computation thoughts. It lets your child shift from specific problem or solution. They can use it in other circumstances. By learning to code at schools, students will learn about the paradigm shift in thinking.

Opportunity for Jobs

Do you want your child to get a good job? The present generation of kids needs to know coding to perform better in the job market. In future, not knowing coding will be counted as not knowing reading. Most of the Jobs need basic computer skills. Even fast food and retail industry need use of computers and technology.

Coding professionals are highly paid and have great demand in job market. The opportunities for the skilled employees will further enhance in future. Well-trained and experienced teachers are there in Singapore to teach the basic and advanced level of coding.

Thinking, Creativity, and Flexibility

Has your child a creative mind? Children with creative minds can think out of the conventional method. Lots of ways are there for coding and the solving problem can inspire kids to develop. Make your child think that coding is like storytelling. It includes a logical starting, continuation, and ending of the program.

These skills can provide kids with success in oral and written communications in their schools. Luckily, IT basics have been introduced in primary schools and expected to be widespread.

Possibilities and Results

Don’t you think that it is easier to learn everything in younger age? Like learning how to ride a vehicle, it is effective to learn how to code in younger age. Can you imagine that a 4-year-old child can learn the basics of a computer? It becomes easier to learn how to code. More and more new kind of software and methods are there. They are making kids interested in coding.

There are some online resources from where kids can grasp how to code. Lots of code academy websites are there to provide recourses for free. Kids are not required to spend lots of time by reading about coding. They can use apps and games to get training about the basics of computer coding.

Idea of New Innovation

Everybody has a new idea. Only some people can make them true. The ability of coding separates those who can convert their idea into reality. If you dream your kid to be an innovator and thinker, encourage him/ her learn to code. Programming provides kids confidence to get thoughts in life.


Above benefits of grasping how to code at a younger age helps your kids in several ways. It includes processing, thinking, and communicating. These skills will help children to innovative. So it is high time to include coding as basic skills for students.


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